Basic Vastu Tips | 10 ways To Boost Positive Energy of Your Home

As the world around us gets more modernized and fashionable with each passing second, people are inclined towards the idea of hiring an interior designer to decorate their house. Science has proved that the surroundings and their energy play a major part in the upbringing of an individual. Not just the people but the vibration of the place comes into consideration to boost positive energy of your home.  

There is a solution to this unknown mess in our tradition. The ancestors of the past have the precise calculation to solve any problem that a human life would ever face. To boost positive energy of your home there is a set of rules named Vastu Shastra.  


Vastu Shastra 

Vastu Shashtra is a book on how to build and decorate a house based on the energies around it to help boost positive energy of your home. But as we already have our establishments standing, all that is possible now is to follow some small tips to correct or boost positive energy of your home. 

Tips to boost positive energy of your home:

The proper implementation of the tips pointed beneath is said to have produced tremendous results in maintaining and improving the positive atmosphere of the house. Hence, they are said to boost positive energy of your home. 

1. Lighting lamps and incense sticks:

As light drives away the darkness, lighting lamps will ward away evil eyes and the associated negative energies. The calming scent of the incense stick lightens up the mood of the inhabitants. A soulful cleanser to boost the positivity in your home. 

2. Plants to boost positive energy of your home:

Usage of small, leafy plants to enhance the air of the room, keep it light and filled with more oxygen. Avoid plants that milk like cacti as they are associated with imbalance. 

3. Placement of gas stove and medicines:

Gas stove maintains and improves health. Medicines are for ill health. As the gas stove should be situated east or north-west facing, the medicines should be occupying the opposite directions to boost positive energy of your home. 

4. Decluttering of the house:

Unwanted stuff hoards negative energy in them. Decluttering one’s house declutters one’s mind, which boost positive energy of your home. 


5. Colors painted:

The nature of the colors affects the nature of mood, thoughts, and action. To boost positive energy of your home, consider using light-shaded colors of purple, blue, green, red, orange, and cream, off-white, and beige shades for neutral tones.  

6. Sleep position:

An important tip is to avoid any form of a mirror or reflecting things in the bedroom and try sleeping with your head in the south, east, or west direction. But strictly avoid the north and northwest. 

7. Furniture and placements:

Boost the positivity of your home by simply correcting furniture misplacements. Wooden Furniture is recommended along with the right positioning of them. 


8. Maintenance of the main door:

The main door is the one that attracts wealth, health, and prosperity if maintained well and also the entry for bad vibrations. To avoid this always keep the entrance clean and lit with lamps. 

9. Prayer place:

The prayer room is one of the most important places that should be filled with positivity. Make sure to place the idols facing the east direction and maintain the room spotless. This is a start. 

10. Study room:

The learner must be facing east while studying or reading. Light-colored walls in the north and east. Use a square or rectangle table with a clear quartz crystal for enhanced concentration. 


Calculated Small changes are said to bring more significant improvement. So, take this first step in the right direction to boost positive energy of your home and your life. The world becomes a better place when one does what needs to be done. As insignificant as these are, they bring out the best in everything we do.

All this rare knowledge is for us to use and to get better from it. These are just the tips to follow for a house that is already standing. It is wise to consider these rules for building a house before constructing one to have a prosperous life.