DG Landscape | What is DG in Landscaping?

Decomposed Granite is the expansion of DG in landscaping. The dg landscape is part of hardscape decore in homes, parks, forest areas, and other tourist spots for attraction and other benefits. These form a sturdy structure when appropriately installed.  

Are you looking for landscape decor for your porch, lawn, or garden that is cost-effective and lasts longer? The suggestion for you would be decomposed granite landscape. Still skeptical about actually installing it? Great!

Here is a brief insight into the decomposed granite landscape, from the definition, installation, benefits, and more. Read along to have a perfect naturist touch your place with decomposed Granite.  

DG landscape

The dg landscape decor is made using decomposed Granite. The decomposed Granite is a fine powder-like ground granite. The particles are so fine that they resemble sand particles. There are a few varieties in particle sizes, mostly ⅜ inches smaller, but mostly rock dust. These powder particles are made into a solid structural form by wetting and shaping them. 

When wet, the particles hold on to each well much better than regular gravel. The particles of regular gravel are much bigger and become finer as time goes by. But the gravel particles of the decomposed granite landscape stay strong and in shape would not go any finer. Natural versions of this dg landscape promise better drainage and plant maintenance. 

Types of DG landscape

There are three different types of dg landscapes. They are,

  1. Naturally decomposed Granite is a loose decomposed made only of granite powders. 
  2. Stabilized decomposed Granite is another type of DG used in the landscape. The difference is that stabilizers are mixed in it for efficiency.
  3. Resin-coated decomposed Granite is the best among the other DG types. The resin mixed with the granites gives a natural asphalt look and better efficiency than the others. 

Uses of DG landscape

The dg landscape is used in various places for aesthetic and other beneficial reasons. Since there are color choices in this, such as black, blue, brown, gold, white, and rose. These colors are used in highlighting or neutralizing other decor colors of the place. 

The places where decomposed granite landscape decor is used are listed below.

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Mulch
  • Roads
  • Garden trails
  • Fire pits
  • Xeriscapes

Benefits of Decomposed Granite Landscape

All three dg landscape types are tremendously beneficial in various ways. These benefits are the reason for its popularity, usage, and an ever needing demand for it. From houses to tourist spots, parks to other sites, these are used for decor and other perks. They are available in various colors for customization.

The best-decomposed granite landscape benefits are

  • Cost efficiency
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Best for drainage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Versatility

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The dg landscape decors are highly recommended for driveways pathways and similar needs for their durability, aesthetic appearance, and affordability. If you require landscape decor, then decomposed granite landscape decor would be the best choice. 

It is available in many colors, nature-friendly, wallet-friendly, and time-friendly. You don’t have to spend for maintenance or other separate charges. Ensure proper decor installation, and you are good to go.