Significance Of Diwali Cleaning | Why Do We Clean House on Diwali? 

Diwali, one of the most awaited festivals in India, brings with it a tradition that is both symbolic and significant – the tradition of Diwali cleaning. This goes beyond the mere act of physical cleaning; it is deeply rooted in cultural and spiritual beliefs. Let’s delve into why Diwali cleaning holds such an important place in the festivities and what it symbolizes in our lives.

Understanding the Cultural Significance of Diwali Cleaning

Diwali cleaning is not just about dusting and decluttering; it’s a ritual that is tied to the festival’s essence of celebrating light over darkness and good over evil. It is believed that cleaning the house welcomes Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. A clean and well-lit home is said to be an invitation for her blessings.

Diwali Cleaning: A Fresh Start

Diwali cleaning is also seen as a metaphor for cleansing oneself of inner impurities, such as anger, jealousy, or greed. The act of cleaning is symbolic of purifying one’s mind and soul. It is an opportunity to introspect and discard unwanted habits and thoughts, just as we discard the clutter that no longer serves us.


Health and Hygiene Through Diwali Cleaning

From a practical standpoint, cleaning ensures that the home is clean and hygienic. The end of the monsoon season makes this the perfect time to get rid of the accumulated dust and moisture that can cause health issues. This extensive cleaning also helps in pest control, which is crucial before the onset of winter.

Diwali Cleaning for Aesthetic Appeal

Decorating a home that is clean and tidy adds to the aesthetic beauty of Diwali decorations. Lights and rangolis stand out more in a neat environment. Hence, Diwali cleaning serves as the preparatory step for the decorative aspects of the festival.

Social Aspect of Cleaning

Cleaning also has a social component. With the festival being an occasion for gatherings and celebrations, a clean home is more welcoming and comfortable for guests. It is a reflection of the host’s respect and consideration for their visitors.


Diwali cleaning is much more than a pre-festival chore; it is a significant part of the Diwali tradition that carries deep-seated meanings and benefits. It is about preparing a space that is not only physically clean but also spiritually ready for new beginnings. The purity of the environment is believed to mirror the purity of the heart, setting the stage for positivity and prosperity. 

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How to clean a room for Diwali?

To clean a room for Diwali, declutter first, dust and wipe all surfaces, clean the floors, launder drapes and linens, and add festive decorations to enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

Can we clean the house on Dhanteras?

Yes, it is customary for some to clean their houses on Dhanteras, as it is considered auspicious to tidy and refurbish the home in preparation for Diwali and welcoming prosperity.

Which day is good for cleaning the house?

Traditionally, the days leading up to Diwali are considered good for cleaning the house, with the belief that it welcomes wealth and good fortune during the festive days.