10 Best Ganpati Decorations Ideas For Home

Ganpati celebration days are coming soon and this festival is marked with the installation of Ganesh idols in homes and big or small pandals. These days, everyone tries to find out some unique Ganpati decorations ideas for their space. 

Every year Ganpati Ji arrives and when they come, we all can feel some unique ambiance and vibes around us. And everybody wants to celebrate Ganeshotsav with great enthusiasm. People prepared sweets, delicacies, prepared dance performances, and decorate their homes or pandals to welcome Ganpati Ji. 

In all these preparations, we often get confused about how to decorate our home to make it look more beautiful and elegant. And those decorations must be in our budget too. To help you with this situation, we are suggesting you some Ganpati decorations ideas to welcome him. 

So, you can welcome him with an open heart and elegant decorations and can take the blessings from Ganapati Ji. Take a look;


10 Ganpati Decorations Ideas For Home

1. You can use your dupattas and sarees

For Ganpati decorations ideas, you can use your colorful dupattas and sarees. These can create a beautiful background to decorate the walls. Colorful clothes will make your home more appealing for celebrations. 

You just need to find out the best drapes from your wardrobes. And then decorate your home’s mandap to welcome Ganapati Ji with the warmth of colors. You can hang them vertically to create a curtain look behind the idol. 

2. Colorful paper fans or any props for Ganpati decorations ideas

We used to make these fans in our childhood for some school’s activity. So, you can make that again for Ganpati decorations ideas as well. These colorful fans will give your home a vibrant look. You can use different colors to make paper fans.

After making the paper fans, paste them on the back wall of the idol. You can also cover the entire space of your home where you want to make a mandap to celebrate Ganeshotsav. Not only paper fans, but you can also make anything with these colorful papers. Such as paper flowers, birds, or any other props. 

3. Flowers 

White or colorful flowers can be best for any occasion, so how can we forget them? Flowers can be amazing for Ganpati decorations ideas for home. You can go with different flowers or different shades and decorate your home by beautifully arranging them. 

Arrange some bouquets and keep them near the idol. Also, you can decorate the whole room with flowers to make your mandap more beautiful. Flowers can make any space livelier and when you using them to decorate mandap, it will work magically. 

You can go with lilies, roses, orchids, marigolds, or any other flower to decorate the mandap. It’s up to you because every flower is beautiful and will look good. 


4. Make rangoli

Rangolis are the best way to welcome guests to our home. Hence, to welcome Ganapati Ji you can make rangoli too. Use your colors and paints to make beautiful rangolis for Ganpati decorations ideas. 

Nothing could be better than a beautiful rangoli to welcome your own Ganapati Bappa to your home. You can make rangoli with flowers too if you don’t have colors. 

5. Peacock theme decoration

You can decorate your home’s space in peacock theme, where you are going to place the idol. Peacock cutouts can be made with the thermocol. You can take help from YouTube to make peacock cutouts. 

Decorate your room with some real peacock feathers along with thermocol cutouts for beautiful Ganpati decorations ideas. You can use pearls and beads to decorate the borders and neck of the peacocks. It will look very beautiful and will make your ambiance livelier and eye-catching. 

6. Use colorful balloons for Ganpati decorations ideas

Balloons can brighten up any space, you can use them to decorate the mandap too to welcoming Lord Ganesh. You can make an arch with the help of balloons behind the Ganesh idol. 

Balloon bunches, pillars, and can make any other shape with them to add an attractive look. Colorful balloons will not disappoint you. 

7. Flowers garland strings to decorate the mandap

If you want to give a traditional look then go with marigold flowers for Ganpati decorations ideas. Just take some marigold flowers and some long thread to make garlands. You can take yellow and orange marigold flowers to make 2 different colors garlands. 

Hang these garlands behind the idol of Ganapati Ji. You can use lightings too in between the garlands for a more attractive look. These things will create a marvelous effect in the mandap.  

8. You can use glitters too

To add some shining in the mandap, you can use glitters to decorate it. Take a cardboard or chart paper then draw any design like flowers, diyas, or any other shapes which represent festivities. 

After drawing of images, apply glue on the design where you want to sprinkle the glitters. And it is ready, decorate your mandap with these. It will give a sparkling look to the mandap. 

9. Colorful ribbons and mirrors

Another Ganpati decorations ideas are colorful ribbons and mirrors. You can decorate your home with satin ribbons. With them, you can make many different shapes to decorate the mandap. 

You can take help with YouTube too if you don’t know how to make it. Create some flower patterns and any other shapes and then embellish them with the mirrors. These things will add more beauty to your creativity and show off your talent on Ganesh Utsav. 

10. Ganpati decoration in lotus theme

Lotus theme will be impressive for Ganpati decorations ideas at home. It will give elegant look to your mandap. You just need to create some different designs in lotus flowers with colored paper. 

Decorate the wall and Ganesh murti with them and create a beautiful look. Lotus theme for Ganpati Ji is an amazing idea.

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Final Words

I am hoping that these creative Ganpati decorations ideas will help you to decorate your home. And I think, now you are ready to welcome Lord Ganesh at your home!!