Why Should You Make A Garden Beside Kitchen?

If you love gardening and like to maintain your garden properly and beautifully then the idea of making a garden beside kitchen can help you a lot. Because garden beside kitchen can get waste of kitchen easily if you plan and do setting in that way. And you can recycle many things about kitchen waste in your garden, which is also helpful for the environment as well. 

You can also help the planet by making a garden beside kitchen by many ways to turn your kitchen scraps into soil builder. Your kitchen waste can help to improve your soil if you use it correctly. We are sharing some suggestions here for why you should make a garden beside the kitchen. 

1. Can use kitchen trash easily 

The benefit of this type of garden is that you can use your kitchen trash for your garden quickly and easily. Vegetable peels, fruit seeds, a wilted broccoli stalk, a carrot top, etc. you can use all these things in your garden.

If you have a garden like this, you can bury all these things right there and let them compost underground. This compost will do magic in your garden.

More than half of what we carelessly throw into the trash is organic waste, which if composted, can make rich topsoil for our garden.

2. Method of compost 

You can use potato peels, citrus rinds, leftover vegetables, green vegetable stems, eggshells, and bread also. Food residues of non-meat food can be easily composted. Just keep your kitchen scraps in the dustbin or separate bucket with a lid.

Whenever the dustbin or bucket starts to get full, take it out to the garden beside kitchen. Dig a ditch between the garden or nearby crops or in an unused place, dump the garbage in that and cover it up. The scraps will decompose and add their nutrients into the soil.

3. Can recycle food waste

By using composted vegetable scraps in your garden and grow vegetables in the garden, you have created the simplest and smallest recycling loop. This is an actual benefit which you get by making a garden beside kitchen. This is the simplest way for home gardeners to recycle their food wastes.  

4. Use the kitchen’s sink water for the garden

You can collect selected kitchen sink water in a watering can for reuse on plants. You can also create a drainage system as per the direction of the garden if you make a garden beside kitchen.

When you rinse fruits and vegetables the water will drain into the garden. Divert your kitchen water directly to the garden.

You can set up 2 sinks in your kitchen. The first sink can be used for heavy washing of dishes, which is not good for the soil. Because that water may have detergents and chemicals. Do not let go of that water directly into the garden, as that can be harmful to the soil.

The second sink could be used for washing vegetables and fruits. The second sink water can directly be used for the garden.

5. You can get fresh vegetables and herbs

If you make your garden beside kitchen, you can get easily vegetables or herbs from your garden. You can make a window in the kitchen to pull out fresh mint leaves or coriander leaves from the garden.

You can grow organic food in your garden without using pesticides. If you grow it yourself, you know that is safe and healthy. And plants do not cost much when they once get settled in your garden.

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So, these were some reasons why you should make a garden beside the kitchen. 

Do your best!!