How to Clean the Home Properly?

Cleaning the house is a tedious and never-ending job. It is a self-explanatory task, but when you sit down to think about it, you may realize that you have the biggest question in front of you – where to start and how to start? Well, it’s up to you: Take things room by room, or tackle each and every appliance of the house one by one until everything is free from dust, grime, mildew, bacteria, greasiness, etc. In this article, we will help you to clean the home properly and that too in almost half of the time.

12 Tricks to Clean the Home Properly

Let’s discuss the tricks to clean the home properly, without consuming the whole day.

1. Make a system

You should clean the home properly by setting a system, which means cleaning the house in the same order every time. Working on one room at a time and starting and finishing a particular room at a time, so that you don’t have to run back and forth. 

2. Move top to bottom, left to right

Start from cleaning the ceiling fan, and then clean the floor to eliminate duplication of work. Similarly, moving from left to right means, that you cover the entire room in a single flow. 

3. Sponge the windows

Place a drop of dishwasher soap and dilute it in water. Wipe the windows generously with the cloth and then use a sponge or microfiber cloth or a glass cleaner for a sparkling look. Remember to use horizontal strokes and move top to bottom. Don’t clean in a circular motion as it will leave streaks on the window.

4. Keep the tools ready

Keep all the cleaning tools at arm’s distance to avoid running back and forth and searching the cabinets at the time of need. You can place all the supplies in a basket or a bucket to stay organized and save time.

5. Be proactive

The best way to clean the house properly and to keep it clean is to be proactive in cleaning and solve the problems before they arise. If you clean the bathrooms and toilets on a daily basis will save your time as you will not be letting the dirt get worse.

6. Dusting without spreading

Keep a good quality feather duster in your house for the dusting. It will not spread the dust on almost all the appliances.

7. Cut that kitchen grease

Grease ends up on kitchen cabinets, especially ones next to the gas.  Clean the grease with a dishwasher and then wipe it off with a sponge or a cloth, to make sure it won’t damage the color and the finish and then rinse it off with a clean cloth dipped in warm water.

8. Lemon the savior

Use lemon instead of acid to clean the home properly. The acid in the lemon dissolves the rust.

9. Defeat mineral deposits

Use white vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits near the faucets. Pour some on the clean cloth and wipe the faucets. 

10. Keep the steel shining

Fingermarks and watermarks are the worst enemies of stainless steel. Use mineral oil to keep the stainless steel shining.


11. Clean the microwave like a pro

Put a coffee cup in the microwave filled with water and heat it up until it’s boiling hot. This creates moisture and the dirt in the microwave loosens up.

12. Vacuum in rows

Do the entire length of the room in one goes and then move on to the next patch. This will help in cleaning fastly and the cord won’t be stuck in your legs.

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It is said that if you want to clean the home properly, clean it often. Once you’ve deep cleaned it, clean it once every couple of weeks.

We hope that these tricks will help you to clean the home properly and that too in less time.

Happy Living!


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