How to organize office desk? 10 Hacks

You will be more productive with a well-designed office workstation, whether you have transferred your work from an office to your home or simply need a spot to browse the internet, make payments, or check emails. Wondering how to organize office desk?  Before we get into the fun stuff, you should realize that a crowded desk not only makes you feel stressed but also makes you less productive. 

The presence of clutter alerts your mind that there is some additional work to be done. A stress reaction is triggered when your mind feels intimidated by all of this (perceived or real) labor.

Organizing your workstation helps you feel more in control and lowers the severity of that stress reaction. So while moving ahead in this blog, you can figure out the answer for how to organize office desk easily and efficiently.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest office organization ideas – they are techniques, tips, and hacks that can greatly assist you in organizing your office desk in a basic yet appealing manner.

Following are the top solutions and tricks for – how to organize office desk!

1. Preserve Loved Ones Close by 

Photographs are a typical decoration in employee cabins, such joyful, familiar faces are a significant component of how productive you are. If you’re buried in work and finding it difficult to get things done, look at the happiness on your desk for inspiration.

2. Extra office materials can be stored in a hanging closet organizer

If you’re short on storage space, be inventive! Whether hung on a door or on a rolling rack, a hanging closet organizer provides immediate space for additional office materials without taking up the same space as a bookshelf or a hefty desk.

3. Get started on your decor

Choose to adorn your area with items that you love, such as knickknacks, pictures, and other items, and your employee performance will improve. The more things that offer you happiness or symbolize what you love are around you, the higher your efficiency will be.

4. On your workstation, just keep what you require

You don’t need as many pens or paper clips as you think you need. You can avoid them since they’re simply extra useless supplies. Your paperclips, business cards, post-it notes, stickers, and gum may all find a home in a drawer organizer. This is one of the most important hacks on how to organize office desk. 


5. Pegboard may be used to customize storage on a wall

You’ll have limitless chances to hang supplies, photographs, and other decor if you install a pegboard over your desk (or on any other wall in your home office).

6. Make a drawer divider out of a utensil organizer

Because of your hectic schedule, it might be difficult to maintain an ordered lifestyle. Why not add some more storage if you have a tiny workstation and a lot of stuff?

A multi-compartment utensil organizer is a brilliant solution to keep tiny office items from becoming crowded. This is undoubtedly one of the best solutions of how to organize your office desk. Use this trick if you wonder how to organize office desk.

7. Get rid of the sticky notes

Not only is it possible that one of the other notes may fall off and wind up in the trash, but pinning that many notes to your monitor also appears crowded and unpleasant.

You’d be better suited to receive notifications through your project management tool or through an online medium. Where they’d be secure from the office vacuum. This is one of the best hacks on how to organize office desk.

8. Drawer Organizers made of Plastic Containers

You may either recycle existing plastic containers or order your own drawer organizing containers from an Online store. These transparent plastic organizers serve effectively.

9. Maintain an open desk space

Keep the area directly adjacent to your PC as clutter-free as possible. You may study files or documents straight away without having to clear any workplace or office space this way. If you seek it, every square inch may be beneficial. This is one of the best hacks on how to organize office desk.

10. Make use of your books or bring them home with you

Instead of dispersing your reading material over your desk, purchase a bookshelf or shelving unit for them if you don’t want to part with them. Make sure to store any additional books you don’t need in your house.


The way you set up your workplace has an impact on how your team acts, so planning ahead can help you establish the business culture your company needs to succeed. We hope that you’ve finally got your answer on how to organize office desk and also have gained some inspiration from this article for better arranging your office desk in a more appropriate and effective manner.