How To Take Care Of Your Roof In This Rainy Season?

The rainy season is almost started now. And when it arrives, the feeling of joy and calmness comes along with it. But the rainy reason can also bring some roof leakage-related problems for homeowners. Hence, you have to take care of your roof in this rainy season as well to prevent leakages and sluggish water. 

It is very important that your roof must be in a good position before the heavy rain start. Frequent rainfall could damage the roof surface. That’s why it is essential to take all the necessary precautions to prevent the roof from any kind of damages. Here we are sharing some tips to take care of your roof in this rainy season

1. Inspect the roof on a regular basis

To take care of your roof in this rainy season, start with the roof inspection. Check the entire rooftop thoroughly, if find any sign of damage, repair that from there. Look for cracks if there are any along the ridge of your roof and along the parapet walls of your house. 

Repair all the damages immediately to keep away leakages that can damage ceilings and walls. if you also find any loose shingles, replace that before any big damage. And if you find any big problem then you should consider with the professional roofing contractor to fix that. 

2. Clean up all debris and other particles from the rooftop

The next step to take care of your roof in this rainy season, you should clean it. Clean all kinds of leaves, debris, branches, or any other waste stuff from your roof. These things can be a cause of waterlogging and excess water can damage the roof area. 

Because standing water on the rooftop can cause leakages and some other problems. That’s why you must clean your roof. By keeping the roof clean will give a clear way to flow rainwater out of the roof after heavy rain. 

3. Give waterproofing paint coat to your roof

The roof protects the house from many things like rain, thunder, snow, UV radiations, and the scorching sun heat. Our house’s roof faced harsh weathers, so this is our responsibility to take care that from every kind of damages. 

But water collection on the roof surface can be more harmful to the roof. So, to take care of your roof in this rainy season, you have to take all necessary precautions to protect it from damages. 

For that, you must use waterproofing paint on the roof. But apply it before the rains, mostly in sunny weather. It will give protection to your roof from any kind of leaks and wet spots on the wall. 

4. Maintain nearby trees 

If your house is surrounded by trees then trim them or cut the long branches. Because they could end up causing some kind of damage during the heavy rain. So, to take care of your roof in this rainy season cut the overhanging branches. 

Tree’s branches can block the gutters and water can be collected on the rooftop. To avoid that situation, you should trim away long branches. 

5. Clean out gutters before the rainy season

Rainy season means your guttering system can be overflow and can be blocked too. Because excess rainwater creates more pressure on them. So, this is the time to check if there are any blockages and clean them if needed. 

If they would not clean then the water can get backed up and can cause of water pool on the rooftop. Hence, to take care of your roof in this rainy season, make sure that gutters should be free from debris. Check them before the rainy season starts. 

6. Repair all portholes of your roof

If you find any portholes on the rooftop, make sure that they should be well maintained. Because if they are not well maintained, water can go inside the wall through the cracks. 

Also, check if they are properly sealed or not. If not, they could drag heating or cooling into your home too in other seasons. And this could be a reason for your excess energy bill. 


No matter which season is going on, your roof needs proper maintenance every season. So, this is essential to take care of your roof in this rainy season as well!!