List Of 15 Plants That Grow In Full Shade 

While nurturing a plant it is important that we keep certain things into our minds. From sunlight water and fertiliser, it is also important that we take care of the plants that grow in full shade and are potted into. Few plants require proper drainage of water while others tend to grow in water logged soil.

Different plants have different needs. The adaptability quality of plants are different from plants to plant. You might be aware that plants need proper sunlight to grow. However you will be astonished to know that there are certain plants that grow in full shade. 

Plants that grow in full share require literally zero sunlight. It is also important that they are taken care properly otherwise they tend to dry out. If you are also a person who loves being surrounded by plants, you should try these plants. 

These plants can be purchased from off-line nurseries or even some reputed online websites.

These plants are usually placed in the interiors of the house. They play an important role in the interiors of the house.

So here is a list of  15 plants that grow in full shade:

  1. Peperomia

Among the list of plants that grow in full shade, peperomia is the plant that comes first to the mind. It requires moderate light or partial shade. However they grow to their extreme in lowlight conditions. These are considered to be hardy plants that look very beautiful with a look of foliage.

  1. Syngonium 

Syngonium Ranks second in this list. These are the most excellent house plants that you might ever see. These plants need a prime location however they do find their existence in semi to full shade conditions. These plant do not mind lowlight condition at all even for long hours.

  1. Hosta

These are absolutely grown in shade. Among the list of plants that grow in full shade these are the plants that need zero sunlight. The ideal requirement for these plant is to thrive well is dark conditions.

  1. Hydrangea

The plants perform their best when they are placed in full shade. The morning sunlight can be enough for this plant to grow. Among the plants that grow in full shade, these plants found in the canopy of other trees. 


  1. Poinsettia

Poinsettia is among plants that grow in full shade. These plants can’t tolerate little amount of sunlight, however they grow best when placed in shade. They look Rangier and branches spread quite a distance. These plants take ideal shady locations to rebloom. 

  1. Areca Palm

These plants require special protection from scorching afternoon sun. Too much sunlight can literally burn the foliage of this plant so among the list of plants that grow in full shade, areca palm is the best plant to keep in dark. 

  1. Aglaonema 

These places are plants that grow in low light conditions. This is generally tropical plants that thrive in room which has fluorescent lights. These plants are naturally grown in shady places.

  1. Calathea

These are the shade loving plants but somehow the end of tolerating more light than the others. In the list of plants that grow in full shade, Calathea can be an exception when it comes to surviving the light. They have tolerance capacity however these are beautiful house plants when kept away from sunlight.


  1. Schefflera 

It is All in one plant that can be grown in sunlight, shade or partial light. However they require special attention in terms of where it needs to be placed. These plants are either outdoor or indoor, they can bloom wherever planted.

  1. Aralia 

These plants require full shed or usually filtered sunlight to transform themselves into the fullest potential. However, to keep them healthy and happy, they need to be placed in the dark. Generally they are kept in north facing windows which means that they require humid room temperature for growth.

  1. Elephant Ear 

Like the name these plants have very huge leaves for they have foliage as big as elephant ear. Among plants that grow in full shade these are tubers and they grow on their own if the temperature has ceased to drop. It prefers full shade and can be best to buy from nurseries.

  1. Umbrella Palm 

The evergreen plant which can thrive anywhere it is kept. No matter whether it is full shed, full sunlight, wet season or dry conditions these plants grow naturally. However the true potential is unlocked in dark and therefore it is considered as plants that grow in full shade.

  1. Sanseviera 

These are also referred to as snake plants. They can do well in deep shade. These plants generally grow in freezing cold nights.

  1. Golden Fern

A plant that is not naturally found in the tropical can be grown in full shade. These are the best indoor plants you can grow in the interiors with an upfront outlook.


  1. Money Plant

Believed to bring luck, these plants are generally seen on the lawn garden indoors. These are potential plants that can grow in full shades.

This is the list of plants that grow in full shade. You can try buying them from your local or online. In case you find a new plants for this list do let us know in the comment section.

Happy Growing!