List Of 15 Plants That Grow In Water

Are you looking for plants that grow in water? Or don’t want to mess with dirty soil inside your home? Good for you there are different types of water plants that grow in water. If you are looking for plants that you can put in your food, then you can look for herbs. Or if you are looking for decorative purposes, then you can consider planting wide leaves water plants.

The benefits of plants that grow in water:

1) The plants require the least maintenance. 

2) It creates almost zero mess. 

3) They are almost disease and pest-resistant.


The list of 15 plants that grow in water is discussed below: 

1. Begonia 

It is a beautiful, leafy plant that can be grown in water containers. It has beautiful leaves and attractive flowers. These plants bloom non-stop and can be grown in full sun or partial shade.

These plants require a warm temperature so you can always put them near your window. The higher success is in growing them in water containers or vases. 

2. Wandering Jew 

It is a tradescantia genius species. It grows as long as you can give it the right growing conditions. It requires bright sunlight and a temperature between 65 to 75° Fahrenheit.

And these have nice looking deep purple foliage. If it can grow in water in a very short time. It forms the new roots and starts sprouting. The plant grows vividly so you can plant it in a wider jar. 

3. Peace Lily 

These peace lilies are beautiful-looking flowers that are native to South America. It grows about 24 to 50 inches. It is of white color flower with multi petal system. The flower lasts for 2 to 3 months and does not need much sunlight to grow.

The major reason why people plan peace lily is that it cleans the indoor air and oxygen, therefore it acts as a natural air cleanser.


4. Philodendron

These plants can grow and care for themselves. Among 500 different species of philodendron, there are two types of species the vine and the non-climbers. 

Vine philodendron can grow on the walls and windows. While the non-climbers have lush broad green leaves you can always hang it in a pot or hang it in a basket.

5. Pothos 

Pothas plants have heart-shaped green leaves which can be white, yellow, or pale green. They do not need too much care. They provide a green cover inside the house so looks very beautiful indoors.

It can reach up to a height of 6 to 10 feet and need very partial sunlight. Pothos do not bloom up with flowers so you can put them in cups or mugs, in the space where the indoors are lacking greenery.

6. Paperwhite 

Paperwhite has small white flowers. These are generally grown to add more greenery to the house. Paperwhites are among plants that grow in water and produce a cluster of small flowers that are fragmented.

People usually decorate the paperwhite with a couple of rocks in the pot to make it look beautiful and natural. In the starting, the plant will start forming roots and will produce white blossoms at its maturity. With minimal growing efforts paperwhites are the must-have in the house.

7. Water Lily

What a lily comes in a wide variety of colors with round flat leaves. These water lilies are plants that grow in water. They are ideal for ponds, indoor fountains, and aquariums. Water lily just requires a large water container and it grows rapidly without much care.

The bigger the bowl, the bigger the waterlily leaves. The Hardy water lilies required cold weather and bloom until the water doesn’t freeze. While the tropical water lilies require a minimum temperature of usually 70° Fahrenheit. 


8. Aglaonema 

Also famous as the Chinese evergreen is a plant that grows in water. It is used as a tabletop indoor plant. The plant grows anywhere between 3 inches to 10 inches at a medium pace.

It needs partial sunlight. It is such a carefree plant that even if you place it in a lowlight condition it will still grow without any issue. 

9. Rosemary 

The purpose of rosemary is that it is a plant that grows in water as well as functions as the herbs of your favorite food. If you are interested in home cooking then this plant is a must-have. It will not only enhance the beauty of your house but also serve as a spice.

Rosemary has air purifying properties that make it a natural air freshener. You can always add lemon and vanilla with rosemary for a different fragrance and taste.

Rosemary doesn’t require direct sunlight but put it where it can get some partial sunlight. One thing that you need to take care of is the algae that grow on the rosemary roots. These algae further stop their growth.

10. Oregano

Oregano is a medicinal herb from the mint family. It can be planted in the waterways and has several health benefits. The anti-septic properties of oregano are known to everyone.

It is useful in treating respiratory illness stomach problems and relieves menstrual cramps. The anti-inflammatory properties make it to be used by people. Just provide an adequate amount of water for the Oregano and it will grow on its own.

11. English Ivy

English Ivy is a plant that grows excellently on the walls and buildings. It is assumed as a natural landscape and that increases the green footprint.

It does not produce any flowers and has densely green leaves which are meant only for climbing. Even if you provide English Ivy a bottle of water, it still grows. With such low maintenance, English Ivy is a must-have plant. 


12. Spider Plant 

Well, the spider plant does not produce spiders. Spider plant is a nice-looking plant that can be grown indoors it is because of the route that it has, where it derives its name of spider plant. Spider plants are planted in the mud, but it is also a plant that grows in water.

With minimal growing efforts and low maintenance, the spider plant is a must-have. People living in small apartments usually grow spider plants.

13. Moses in Cradle Plant

Mosses are yet another type of water plant that grows in water. People also call it cradle Lily or oyster plant. These plants are native to African and Central America and climate. With no flowers, these Moses have long, waxy, sword-shaped leaves.

It can be either of green or purple color. It only blooms white flowers in the middle and needs full sunlight to grow. The attractive leaves make it a beautiful indoor house plant. You can either grow it in a Vase or a hanging basket —either way it looks beautiful. 

14. Arrowhead

These are beautiful leave plants that are found in humid conditions such as the rainforest. These are climber plants and like to grow on the walls or other plans.

People usually use the arrowhead to keep it on the desk. Arrowhead is like a wild plant, but it is not a concern when planted in a glass vase. With light humidity and heat, it grows faster than you can think.

15. Coleus 

It is one of those few plants which grows in containers than in water. With easy propagation and minimal effort, the plant grows fast making it perfect for growing in water. The plant when grown in clusters can be a ground cover and great cover to the window borders. People love to plant it indoors.


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How to grow plants that grow in water, indoors?

Indoor plant is a proven way to enhance the beauty of the house. The plants that grow in water are soil-free and require no maintenance. These plants are a great relief to cat owners. Without any tension of the cat screeching the soil, you can always plan the hydroponic plants. Further, the dirt-free method keeps the house away from soil-borne diseases.

Step 1: Choose or identify a plant that can grow in water. In the article, there is a mention of 15 types of plants that grow in water. You can choose according to your purpose.

Step 2: Take a cutting from an existing plant or few seeds. Though many plants grow out of the cuttings of the leaf or the nodules, You can take up a medium-size cutting from an existing plant.

Step 3: You can find a vessel for your plant. You can either plant your hydroponics in our see-through water jar or colorful trendy water jar available.

Step 4: Find a spot for your plant. Some plants require direct sunlight while others require a damp corner. Therefore choose your spot according to the needs and demands of a plant.

Step 5: The final step is to wait patiently for your plants to start growing. The water plants do not take a long time to grow. Continue changing the what are you every fortnight.


The plants that grow in water are beautiful and also provide coverage in the house. Some plants like Oregano and Rosemary can be used in food and provide green coverage to the house. There are also plans that act as natural cleansers and fresheners. You can choose your plant and follow the instructions in the article. Happy gardening!