7 Balcony Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

The concept of balcony garden ideas is perhaps one of the most contemporary gardening ideas. Many folks who were formerly unable to garden due to a lack of yard space have benefited from this approach.

Many people live in apartments or condos, but even single-family homes frequently lack the yard area needed for good balcony garden ideas. Balconies are being transformed into gardens all around the world. This innovative notion provides ambitious gardeners and master gardeners’ alike new hope! Sculpturing balcony garden ideas may be both enjoyable and rewarding.


However, getting started is sometimes the most difficult part. Here are some fantastic balcony garden ideas. Pay careful attention to the patterns that pique your interest as you browse through them. It’s a good idea to establish a plan for how you want to use your balcony. Do you want a flower garden, a vegetable garden, an outdoor living space, or a combination of all three?

Some balcony garden ideas are designed to blend in with the rest of the house’s design and decor. One element to consider is the amount of money you have accessible. With a variety of balcony garden ideas, you can build a beautiful place without breaking the bank! One of the important factors to consider is the adequate amount of sunlight that your balcony receives. This can aid in the selection of plants.

Finally, when are you going to use your new space? You may want illumination for your balcony garden ideas if you use it primarily in the evenings. With proper planning, you may develop a lovely balcony garden to meet your gardening requirements.

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Given below are some best balcony garden ideas:

1. Wooden scraps

The part of the balcony garden ideas is both simple and rustic. This garden makes use of vertical space to create a warm atmosphere by combining rustic wood components with light.

Two wood pallets or even waste wood from prior projects can be used to create this design. Repurpose the wood to make flower boxes! Because this design just uses the wall, the balcony floor remains clean, and important floor space is saved.

2. Terra Cotta Vertical

When it comes to balcony garden ideas, never underestimate the power of hooks. These hooks serve the best for terra cotta pots or hanging baskets. This design links the pots with metal rods, washers, and bolts and employs simple eye hole hooks.

The beauty of this arrangement is in the way the pots are staggered to give visual flair. Between the pots, the metal rods form a rain chain, allowing water to flow from the top down.

3. Planters for Railings and Ladders

Justyna’s balcony garden is lush and green, but not congested, thanks to a ladder-style shelf structure and railing planters. Stacking herbs, flowers, and other plants instead of spreading them across your balcony floor make it easier to grow them. Also, the reason why it is one of the most loved balcony garden ideas as it gives that greeny-nature look to your balcony. 

4. Maintain a simple approach

To prevent making the already cramped space feel even more confining, keep the decor simple. The balcony garden ideas do have enough space for all of the necessary ingredients to serve as an additional living space throughout the year.

A table and chairs provide seating and relaxation, while a few potted plants provide enough foliage to qualify as an urban garden spot.


5. Turn on the lights on the deck

Make your balcony garden even more usable by adding a light source so you can take advantage of the extra living space after dark. Solar-powered lighting is an excellent option because it eliminates the need for an outdoor power supply.

Outdoor lights will allow you to enjoy your balcony garden at all hours of the day and throughout the year.

6. Culinary Masterpieces

This balcony garden design demonstrates that even in a tiny space, you can cultivate a wide variety of appetising foods and plants. This gourmet creation may be at your fingertips using a wooden pallet and blackboard paint.

Drill holes in the base of each level to allow water to pass through when planning vertical balcony garden ideas. This simple change will prevent root rot in your plants and extend the life of the wood. Also, make sure the wood hasn’t been treated with a wood repellent before using it for edible gardening, as this can seep into your plants.

7. For a small space, choose bold colours

The use of bright colours enhances the design of this small balcony garden. Using strategically placed coloured pots, this plain wall was transformed into a beautiful work of physical art. Plant identifiers that match keep the plants orderly without drawing too much attention to themselves.

The balcony floor’s wood mixes in with the home’s wood floor, extending the home’s style outside. The home’s décor is further enhanced with a vividly coloured ottoman that goes in wonderfully with the pots.