Why Should You Use Shower Filters?

Many people think of filters for drinking water only without realizing that the skin is equally a significant part of the human body and needs to be washed using clean water free from chemicals and contaminations. Your skin absorbs the kind of water you use in the shower. It is essential to take care of your skin by using clean and safe water when showering. Shower filters are installed at the showerhead to treat the water before coming into contact with your skin. The water goes through a series of shower stages to remove contaminations and chemicals.

This article will give you several reasons why you need a shower filter

1. It keeps your skin healthy

Public water is treated using chlorine targeting pathogens only without considering that chlorine makes your skin dry, red, and flake. You need shower filters to remove this chlorine from your bathing water.

Shower filters remove all chemicals from your bathing water to provide a soothing and relaxing daily shower. Using shower filters helps you achieve healthy, hydrated body skin in weeks.

2. Gives you better hair

Chlorine removes the dye on your hair and any other coloring agents. Bathing in chlorinated water can damage your hair; especially if the water is hot.  It reacts to your hair, making it limp and frizzy.

Consider using shower filters to remove chlorine from your bathing water at all costs. That will keep you from going back to the salon every time. 


3. Saves your money

Using a well water shower filter can save your monthly utility bills. It uses a dual-flow system that allows you to switch between a constant pressure mode and a water conservation mode which helps you cut costs.

Again, the Pelican shower filter does not need constant maintenance as it takes about nine months before it is replaced, reducing your monthly expense.

4. Saves you from diseases

Chlorine in water can react with other chemicals to produce a harmful by-product to your skin. Such reactions on your skin can cause some diseases like skin cancer.

The by-products from the reaction of chlorine and other chemicals can also harm the baby in pregnant mothers. Use shower filters at all costs permanently to save your skin from damage and terminal diseases.

5. Filters transform your shower into a sauna

A filter gives you an optimum showering experience that feels good. You can think that you are from the spa. The filter has an aromatic scent bar that gives a relaxing spa-like bathing experience.

You would not want to come out quickly from your bathroom; you would want to take your time in the shower to maximize the comfort and unique experience derived from the shower.

There are different filters with unique benefits, and each has a unique description that suits the customer’s needs. You need to understand all of their characteristics before making your final buying decision.

Consider your need for a shower filter and check your budget before buying one. Make a sober decision before settling to buy a specific type of shower filter.

Happy Living!