7 Bad Cleaning Habits That Are Ruining Your Home

It is rare for humans to consider doing housework a joyful activity. It’s far more enjoyable to go hiking, binge-watch a favorite program, or spend time with friends than to stay in front of the television all day. It’s good to leave a few dust bunnies beneath the bed for a week or two since life is all about balance, but you should quit certain bad cleaning habits because they may do more harm to your house.

7 Bad Cleaning Habits:

1. Inadequate attention to minor plumbing problems

You may be annoyed if you have a slow-draining toilet, a leaky kitchen sink, or a toilet that constantly flushes. They don’t seem to be a huge deal, but they will be if you don’t take care of them quickly. Bad cleaning habits might cause overflowing or broken pipes in the bathroom. Mould may grow and destroy wood floors and support beams in small puddles caused by leaks.

To prevent blockages caused by hair and grease, make it a habit to clear out your sink and shower drains regularly. Listen for water flowing or dripping inside and outside your house. Many minor plumbing problems may be fixed with a few simple tools and supplies. Call a plumber if you’re not handy to rectify your bad cleaning habits.


2. Neglecting the Vents and Filters in the HVAC System

One of the most prominent bad cleaning habits is when vents get blocked with dust, the system is taxed and might collapse. It takes less than 15 minutes to clean the vents and replace the filter once a month, protecting your system and improving air quality for you and your family. A professional HVAC technician can tell you how often to clean or replace the air filter in your system.

3. Incorrect Cleaning Methods

Cleaning is commendable, but not all cleaning is beneficial if you use faulty materials. Bad cleaning habits like protective coatings and cleaning treatments may be stripped away by harsh chemicals, and some can pile up and harm what you’re attempting to clean. Using an acid-based cleaner on marble countertops, even pure white vinegar will scratch the stone. 

This cannot be undone without removing the stone and having it crushed down. Using liquid or paste floor wax on polyurethane-sealed laminate or wood floors is one of the most obvious bad cleaning habits as it may fade and dirty the surface.

The factory-applied sealant might be damaged if the wax is removed. Take the time to understand the manufacturer’s and expert’s recommendations on how to care for various finishes on the labels of every cleaning product.


4. Deliberately Accumulating Clutter

Clutter affects us all, and most of the time, we don’t do anything about it until it’s out of control. It is one of the most common bad cleaning habits out there. Not only is it a nuisance to not be able to locate your favorite clothes, but allowing trash and rubbish to gather in excess gives an ideal refuge for rats and other critters to flourish.

Every day, remove food waste from garbage cans and dispose of it properly. Sweep your living and storage spaces at least once a season to get rid of paper and cardboard. Be on the lookout for any signs of insect or rodent infestation, and take the necessary precautions.

5. Leaving the Cleaning Task Half-Assed

If you don’t complete the cleaning, it might lead to difficulties, even though it’s a good start, leading you to one of the bad cleaning habits. Some tasks, like clearing up clutter, may be performed in tiny phases. In contrast, others must be begun and finished, like starting a new project.

For example, when treating carpet stairs, you must remove all cleaning solutions by blotting or rinsing. Carpets with soapy residue are more likely to collect additional dirt, making them seem shabby. Before beginning any housekeeping task, take the time to familiarise yourself with the stages involved and schedule your time properly.

6. Forgetting to Look for Potential Hazards

Likely, you haven’t given any consideration to your dryer or range hood venting system in a long time which is one of the most common bad cleaning habits. These workhorses remove moisture, lint, culinary aromas, and grease particles every time you use them.

The last time you cleaned them was probably months ago. Fire or other major harm might ensue if these essential systems are overlooked. Make a reminder to get your house cleaned on a regular basis on your phone or calendar.


7. Restricting Your Attention to Household Tasks Only

There’s always a to-do list when you’re in charge of both interior and outdoor cleaning. Things like weeds and dirty concrete patios on the grass area are just unappealing. Gutter blockages from pine straw or leaves, for example, lead to bad cleaning habits, which may cause harm to your property and devalue it.

Having an overflowing gutter may lead to various difficulties, including water damage to the roof and infestations of pests. Make a point of walking around the exterior of your house at least once a season and making a mental note of what needs to be done. Then either do them yourself or hire a professional.

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There are a lot of us seeking solutions to speed up and ease the cleaning process. Taking “shortcuts or bad cleaning habits” might, on occasion, make things more difficult in the long run. This might be a sign of unhealthy behaviors preventing you from getting the work done more quickly or possibly causing damage to your property! If you want a cleaner house, you need to quit these bad habits.