Best Room Cleaning Tips You Should Consider

Are you in the middle of your room right now and wondering where to start cleaning your mess? Is that pair of clothes that you wore a few days back still laying on your sofa? Or did that book you ended up reading last week still lying underneath your pillow? And probably replacement of the bedsheet with a fresh one has been pending since last month? Then you must be thinking this is high time for everything in your room to be treated well, right? I have been there and I know all you need is some room cleaning tips.

It is undeniable as a fact that a well-organized room attracts clarity in the thinking process and calmness in the mind. A few easy room cleaning tips can turn your room into a more welcoming environment that lets you feel calm and well-rested for the day ahead.


Before giving you some of the best room cleaning tips, I suggest you find out the reasons or mistakes you usually make in your daily acts which turn your room more than a mess and that too in just a few hours. I know it will take some time to introduce your unidentified acts in front of you which goes like anything from not putting your used clothes to a laundry bag to walking all over your room with your shoes on and I am sure there are many others. 

First, let’s see what most common mistakes people usually make in their daily acts, and only after avoiding those mistakes can you execute better with room cleaning tips which I will share later.

Mistakes to be avoided for room cleaning tips are:

  • Mistake one: You don’t have a routine room cleaning schedule

You must be wondering this as the most crucial point which is causing your room into a regular mess every other day. If there is no room cleaning plan in your weekly schedule then there are chances that you are in habit of easily ignoring the need and would prefer to save your efforts in-room cleaning when you should go for it.

  • Mistake two: You don’t have a proper room cleaning action plan

Imagine, you have moped your floor and after that, you are dusting corners of the room ceiling and different surfaces like table, chair, windows, etc. and all that dust landed on your fresh floor. Does that help you in any manner despite your honest efforts? No! 

  • Mistake three: You don’t check mattresses regularly

This is another most common mistake or to mention as an ignorant act by many as part of a room cleaning tip. You need to check mattresses and doormats on a regular interval to identify the major part of the dust which causes dust mites and pollutes the room air and makes it allergic.

  • Mistake four: You use dirty clothes for cleaning surfaces

How can dirty cloth make your tables and windows clean if used regularly without washing them properly? You need to separate clothes used for cleaning different surfaces and regularly wash them. 


After avoiding these common mistakes, let’s now look at the best room cleaning tips in simple steps:

Step 1: Declutter your room

The most important and foremost act among all room cleaning tips is to kick out trash from a room and move articles to their respective places. It is necessary to place things back where they belong. Keep your books and magazines on their respective shelves, dirty clothes in the laundry bag, chocolate wrapper in the dustbin, and dustbin in the corner of your room.

Step 2: Replace that old bed sheet

I believe replacing bedsheets weekly can change the vibe of a stinky dirty room to a fresh bright one. You might be using your bed for working on your laptop all day, eating snacks other than just sleeping, which could cause falling food crumbs and spillage in your bed sheet. 

Step 3: Start from high to low surfaces

Remember mistake no. 2 which people commonly don’t remember in their room cleaning tips. You, my friend, need to avoid that. 

It doesn’t matter from which corner you are executing room cleaning tips, keep in mind that it should be from high surfaces to lower ones to avoid confusion and blunders. 

Remove cobwebs first, then wipe clean ceiling fan, vanities, drape rod, window frames, bedside tables, etc.

Step 4: Wipe down window frames and mirrors

No one likes those dirty smudges and dust on window glasses and panels which if not treated timely can make you draw close to your window drapes all the day time unwantedly and can prevent you from having sunlight and view for long, which further can cause anxiety.


Step 5: Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor

Take that quality broom to all the corners, underneath your room furniture, and use your hand flexibility to collect all the dirt. This particular room cleaning tip intends to make your room dust-free and the floor spotless of any unwanted trash.

Step 6: Make your bed and adjust the final setup

Consider this as the last one among all the room cleaning tips which finishes off with adjusting your room furniture as you like them to be. Also, a final touch-up of your complete bed is required here. 

The fact is cleaning is more of a never-ending process. It never ends, no matter how many times you attempt cleaning. With all the affairs in and out of the room and simply roaming around, dust will land on surfaces and floors and you can’t avoid the cleaning tasks for long. The longer you delay the act, the harder and time consuming it would be. If the mentioned mistakes are consciously avoided and followed by room cleaning tips, the cleaning process will be easier and more fun.

 Happy Living!