How To Declutter Your Home? 7 Creative Ideas

The idea of living a simple life with fewer possessions appeals to many individuals. On the other hand, people are typically overwhelmed, terrified, and defeated by the idea of having less. Few people would claim they love the clutter in their environment if questioned. On the other hand, the challenge with the idea to declutter your home isn’t a lack of desire; it’s all about keeping the individual engaged in the process. 

Some may be unsure where to begin, while others may be perplexed why they may abandon cleaning after only 10 minutes. So, today we have the seven most creative ideas to declutter your home that will provide you long-term results and keep you from becoming cleaning burnt out.


Given below are some of the best seven creative ideas to declutter your home:

1. Time management-

You can find yourself scrubbing till your knees give out or hunting for a sign that the end is approaching. If you identify with either of these sorts of people, you might want to consider timing yourself. 

Cleaning for a set amount of time helps relieve tension from being overworked as well as help you to declutter your home. It’s a challenge to finish in the nick of time, and you may focus only on one chore at a time rather than aiming to have a clean day in general.

For example, you may set out 20 minutes to dust, 15 minutes to tidy your bookcase, and so on.

2. Give one item away each day-

Things are frequently kept simply because they have always been a part of our existence. But have you ever thought that would these things be of any use to you, or is it simply kept there in the house?

This decluttering approach is ideal for you if you are not ready to say goodbye to all of these items at once. Giving up one thing every day will benefit you and others. 

Three hundred sixty-five things would be eliminated from your house every year. You might have handed away 730 things if you increased it to two items every day. If it becomes too easy, increase the quantity and so you will end up clearing major chunk to declutter your home. 

3. Use the four-box method to declutter your home – 

Put the phrases “trash,” “throw away,” “keep,” and “re-locate” on four boxes. Put each item in one of the boxes below in any room of your home. Make certain you don’t overlook anything, no matter how insignificant you believe it is.

This might take a few days, weeks, or months, but it will help you figure out how many items you have and what to do with them in order to declutter your home.

4. Make full use of garbage bags-

Trash bags are your best friend when it comes to decluttering. As you declutter your home, you may carry them from room to room. They may take your trash to the landfill or the goodwill.

Walkabout your house and fill a garbage bag with stuff you no longer want or need to eliminate the extra stuff to declutter your home so that you can remove one chunk at a time. Concentrate on either trash or donated things per garbage bag. 


5. Donate things that you might not use-

How many clothes do you keep in your closet that you *hope* to fit back into one day? How many things do you own that you would never buy in a million years if you saw them in a shop right now?

But because you’ve already paid for them, do you think you should retain them? Donate the clothes you don’t wear and don’t care about. Get rid of any clothing that isn’t benefitting you or your life.

6. Make a list of areas to declutter your home-

Make a list of locations that need to be sorted (drawers, closets, and rooms) and cross them off as you go. You might first begin with the easy activities to gain momentum before moving on to more challenging ones.

Give each problem on your list about one hour of your time, then move on to a new problem the next day. This method will protect you from becoming annoyed and overwhelmed. It’s critical to take time to relax and think about the procedure.

7. Keep similar things together and organized-

It is very important to organize your stuff to maintain a good standard of living. All lunch boxes and food storage containers should be kept in the same location. Place all of your kitchen equipment in one drawer.

It’s critical to think about how you’ll use each thing. Keep infrequently used objects, such as a punch bowl, on the very highest shelves. This will not only help you discover items faster but will also alleviate some of your everyday frustrations.

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The idea to declutter your home has been a popular new year’s resolution. It allows you to have more control over your life and reduces stress. Many individuals, however, get overwhelmed and nervous by the prospect of decluttering.

It doesn’t have to be a stressful process to simplify. Without feeling overwhelmed, there are numerous innovative and pleasant methods to declutter your house.

Happy Living!