7 Home Organization Ideas For A Minimalist

A minimalist lifestyle will help you lead a simple and more organized life; the first and obvious thing that comes to the mind of a minimalist when organizing a house is that fewer things lead to an organized home. But sometimes, it gets difficult for a minimalist to keep the home tagged. Managing your home isn’t difficult as long as you take conscious actions with small steps. This article will discuss seven home organization ideas for a minimalist that you can start doing today.

Home Organization Ideas For Minimalist

  • Before buying things, make a plan

Home organization ideas for minimalists start with making the right purchase. Make a plan before buying things; the first mistake everyone makes in a quest to organize the home in a minimalist way is to manage and get tons of bins and baskets from the store. 

 Even if there is space for one thing, you don’t need to purchase that unless you need anything to organize things,  separate all your things and keep them in bins designated for each of them.

Keeping a separate basket for items helps you get ideas of where things are and get them quickly when needed. It is one of the first among the home organization ideas for a minimalist.


  • Adopt open shelving or approach your closets as if they were open shelves

Open shelving is a great way to keep things organized, but you should be careful not to clutter them with all things. You will get an idea of where things are and can easily arrange this immediately after use.

You can use your cabinets or closets as open shelves even if you don’t have one. Use baskets and other things to keep things organized and at a minimum as the mess gets too much to handle. It is one of the best home organization ideas for minimalists.

  • Think twice for home organization ideas

After doing all the hard work to organize the home be careful not to buy unwanted stuff that takes up space it can be a useful home organization idea. When you are in this shop, think twice about whether you want it or not after putting things into the basket. If you feel that you can’t live without that, take it with you. Otherwise, leave it. 

  • Separate

Separate things make two piles of things is one of the home organization ideas that suit minimalist. One piles the stuff you need, and the other one the items you want to get rid of. Later separate the pile you want to get rid of to sell, donate and discard. Good separating things will help you understand what you want the most and where you are wasting your money on unwanted stuff.


  • Regularly decluttering is one of the best home organization ideas

One of the best home organization ideas is to regularly declutter your stuff, and make organizing stuffs your habit. A home that is regularly decluttered will be organized and easy to maintain.

You can concentrate on other things if you declutter the house regularly. When you try to organize a cluttered home, you will get overwhelmed and may keep it unorganized. Decluttering is one of the best home organization ideas for minimalists.

  • Organize your wardrobe

A useful home organization idea is to begin organizing your home, start with your wardrobe, downsize your wardrobe and reduce the clutter. Discard any clothes, accessories, or other things that you haven’t used for more than a year and that are worn out.

After discarding all the unwanted items from your wardrobe, organize items only with the essential thing. Also, make sure not to clutter the closet again and declutter it regularly.

  • Properly use vertical space

Make use of the available vertical space and free up space on the floor. You can use wall-mounted baskets, hooks over the door, pegboards, and similar things. You can also use vertical spaces on narrow wall spaces using corner shelves for more storage and organization.


These are some of the home organization ideas that best suit minimalists. A minimalist home is all about simplicity and using more minor things. It would help if you don’t overspend on organizers and storage baskets to organize your home. These are some simple home organization ideas that you can use to manage your home with little things.