Waterproofing Solutions for Indian Homes

Today the basic standard of an invention or creating something for people is that it should be waterproof. So, if a bag, fashion wear, or a similar material needs waterproofing solutions, then the shelter, which keeps people safe, needs better protection is an understatement as it becomes a necessity. 

As India has a flat terrace, providing perfect waterproofing for houses is even more challenging. So, here are some tips on ways to go about waterproofing houses in India. Better the Armour, Better the Protection. 

The apparent and foremost reason – Protection. Waterproofing solutions for a building guarantee safety of the building from water leaks, flooding, mold formations, and the quality of the building. When a building is finished with stringent waterproofing techniques, it is said to last longer and more substantially than a building without waterproofing solutions. 


Why waterproof your house?

However, the size of the house and the terrace is primarily flat in India. There are many chemical waterproofing solutions used as solvents in paints and other coats for the patio and walls of the house. The all-around protection is to protect against the leaks and spoils of water pipelines and drainage connections. 

Some of the leading chemical waterproofing solutions are:

  1. Epoxy and grout – are used in repairing the standing structures. 
  2. Polyurethane – is used to waterproof open spaces like roofs. 
  3. Bituminous – this asphalt coat of protection is the best choice for concrete foundations. 
  4. Poly acrylic – the best in quality compared to others, with higher flexibility and a great sealant. 
  5. Polyurea – is also used in concrete blocks as sealants and wall plastering. 

These are some of the most common waterproofing solutions in the Indian market. 

When to waterproof your house? 

Waterproofing a house can be done anytime. But to avoid extra hassle and mess, it is wise to do it at the time of construction before painting the house. It is also possible to do it whenever possible. Waterproofing solutions are mixed in cement and used in quite every part, from the foundation to the roof. 

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How Waterproofing Solutions is done?

There are two scenarios where waterproofing can be done. During the construction and next is while repairing cracks. 

  • During construction – mix the best waterproofing solutions with cement and sand and use them for the entire structure of the house. Then coat the walls and the open terrace with suitable concrete waterproofing solutions. 
  • Repairing cracks – clean the place, fill the gaps with the waterproofing mix, let it rest for a few days, and paint the area. 


A wise decision is to make one and maintain it for a lifetime. Correcting it over and over destroys the purpose of having made it in the first place. Using it for maintenance makes sense to save the extra money spent on frequent repairs. Similar to the famous saying, “Prevention is better than Cure.” Money spent on these solutions is like physical insurance for the house. 

Is your house protected with the best kind of waterproofing?