10 Tips On How To Clean A Balcony Properly

Close your eyes and think of your choice of a balcony. Is it big, spacious, or cute with a cozy setup? And there you would get a picture of yourself, enjoying your time. Blissful.  But to have a perfect balcony, we need to work for it. So here we are with ten excellent tips on how to clean a balcony and maintain it well. 

There are hundreds of hacks, tips, and practices on how to clean a balcony. We have gathered 10 of the most effective tips to help you with your balcony crisis. So, take notes of these, and you are guaranteed a perfectly customized balcony and knowledge of how to clean a balcony effectively. 


Tips on how to clean a balcony 

Whether it is a balcony of a condo or an apartment – Here are the ten tips that would totally change your game on how to clean a balcony and keep it spotless. 

  • Declutter – this is the first step on how to clean a balcony and keep it looking spacious. The clearer the balcony is, the better the balcony experience will be.  
  • Sweep and mop – sweep the dust and dirt off the floor. Use a surface cleaner and mop/sponge to wipe the whole floor.  
  •  Furniture cleaning – use a soft cotton cloth and a store-bought multi-surface cleaner to give an occasional wipe down. You should make sure to check if the cleaner solution can be used on your furniture. Being safe is another tip on how to clean a balcony or just about anything. 
  • Dust – dust the place after you have decluttered your balcony of things. The walls, ceiling (if there is one), doors, and any furniture or plants in there, dust them thoroughly. Use a broom to save water.  
  • Windows/glass – clean those sliding glass doors, glass frames, or any glass decors using a local glass cleaner.  
  • The top comes first – clean the top parts and work your way to the bottom—the smartest and quickest tip on not just how to clean the balcony but everything. 
  • Water cleanings – tools such as pressure washers and hoses can be used to clean some hard places and to give a better rinse-off. 
  • Must haves – Dustpans, bucket and mop, two pieces of soft cotton cloth, a multi-surface cleaner, a sponge, and a water sprayer for plants. 
  • How often – To keep your balcony spotless and neat, thoroughly wash it every week or twice a month. 
  • Accessorize brilliant – Fill it with hanging plants, a simple set of seater and a coffee table, a cozy rug, and yourself. Knowing how to fill your balcony is as essential as knowing how to clean balcony spaces. 

How to clean a balcony floor 

As we are talking about how to clean the balcony, the floor is one of the essential parts to consider. There are various cleaning methods concerning the type of flooring used for your balcony. Irrespective of the floor type, start by dusting and sweeping the floor. 

An ordinary surface cleaner is enough for a good clean. But if you are dealing with stains, oil, grease, rust, and mold, these would help you how to clean a balcony floor. 

  • Baking soda can clean the rust off. Pick a laundry detergent with baking soda and scrub the rust off. If you need something more substantial, then there is muriatic acid. Be careful about this and wear some protective gear. 
  • For oil stains, use trisodium phosphate to clean them. 
  • You can use a multi-purpose cleaner for everyday stains and grease. 
  • Bleach removes any form of mold from the surface. Wear a mask and gloves before dealing with bleaches. 


A perfect balcony is a challenging task. But then again, what is? Everything is hard if we are putting a meter on it. Learning about how to clean a balcony is not the point, but following it is. So instead of going about how to clean a balcony of your house with all that you have to deal with, please do this as a relaxing activity or a stress buster workout to later relax in it.  

Your perfect balcony is in your hands now that you know how to clean it. 

The most awaited teatime is calling for you; happy balcony Cleaning!