10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Off The Balcony

You just finished cleaning your balcony for some guests that are about to visit you in ten minutes. When you are about to invite the guests to take a look at your beautiful patio, you spot fresh droppings on the railings and your balcony floor. Awkward. While you wish, “how to get rid of pigeons off my balcony.” 

Please, do not stress your mind on this pigeon problem because that just got as simple. 

The cause 

You need knowledge of what the problem is, to solve it. In this case,  

  1. What causes the pigeons to settle on your balcony? 
  2. Why did it choose yours? 
  3. How to get rid of pigeons or avoid them? 
  4. Why get rid of them? 
  5. How to keep the No Pigeons policy on your balcony? 

As we get clear with these questions, or questions like these for any problem, the answers are right in front of us.  

A few of these questions are; do birds need a place to rest, protect their nest from predators, and ensure their safety? Everybody wants to be safe and keep their kids safe. And pigeons are not any exception. \


Next is why 

Then you will ask, “why my balcony?”. 

  1. Balcony with vines, small trees, shrubs, aromatic plants, and bright flowers. 
  2. Water spots. 
  3. occasional feeding
  4. Spilled food crumbs 
  5. Railings  

While some of these cannot be taken out, like the railings, here are some effective and must-follow tips for you on how to get rid of pigeons from your balcony. 

How to Get Rid of Pigeons – 10 tips 

Here are ten of the smartest and most effective ten tips on how to get rid of pigeons from your balcony. 

  1. Food crumbs – try to keep the food crumbs off the balcony floor, railings, and anywhere near the balcony. The key is to keep cleaning it.
  2. Sound – The pigeons do not like the sound of a wind chime. This is the best option on how to get rid of pigeons. 
  3. Net – use a physical barrier to keep your balcony safe. 
  4. Reflective things – this can also be used as a décor. Use old CDs or aluminum foils to keep them from your balcony. 
  5. Regular bird repellents – an ordinary store-bought bird repellent can also be a solution for how to get rid of pigeons. It would help if you used this more often. 
  6. Predators – place some rubber snakes or owl figurines in the out. How to get rid of pigeons – scare them away. 
  7. Home remedies – the tip for how to get rid of pigeons is using natural scents like cinnamons, pepper, and chili.  
  8. Wires/spikes – this comes under an extreme measure on how to get rid of pigeons on your balcony. You can choose this if there are fewer pigeons in your area. 
  9. Raptors – you can use a trained raptor or the sounds of a raptor to ward off pigeons. 
  10. Slopes – you can install pitches as railings. This makes it hard for a pigeon to sit on it. You can also cover it with spikes or repellents. 

Why do we have to get rid of pigeons? 

Some of you may wonder why we have to go to extreme lengths to know how to get rid of pigeons near our household. That is because pigeon droppings are dangerous and harmful for weak immune kids and the property. 

The pigeon droppings are acidic and can corrode the concrete if not attended to it. They also carry parasites and can affect people with weakened immune systems with histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.  

It would help if you had protection while cleaning these droppings because you can breathe them in. This is why you should know how to get rid of pigeons. 

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The pigeons are also lives, yes. But we cannot lose our lives too. They say There is danger in beauty. In this pigeon matters, it cannot be more accurate. So, it is time that you knew how to get rid of pigeons on your balcony.   

Make use of these tips on how to get rid of pigeons, you can effectively avoid them. And have your evening drink with your guests any time, delighting yourself with a beautiful time.