How To Make The Balcony Private?

Almost all of us have a balcony. Whether an apartment or a condo. And wherever it is, a balcony is an open space through which you can see the world and the world watches us. But we all want privacy and the pleasure of being outside our homes. And hence the need to know how to make the balcony private. The right to privacy is the fundamental right of each and everyone in the world. 

And now that is the best reason to know how to make the balcony private in your home. And enjoy the luxury of peace that comes with privacy. Read along to find some practical balcony privacy ideas.


The need for a private balcony

Even the most social person would have their privacy that no one should know about. This need for privacy should be respected and given in society as a person’s fundamental right. But this may not be easy with an open balcony which calls for the need to know about how to make the balcony private.

There are numerous reasons to know how to make the balcony private. Some are, 

  • To keep the pigeons and other birds from messing with the balcony and the plants on the balcony
  • To block out the unwanted noise from the outside world
  • To have a peaceful “me time.”
  • To avoid the street animals like cats and other pets making a mess on the balcony
  • To prevent other people from prying into your house

And many other personal reasons. 

Most of the people needing this are found to be celebrities and other famous people. But yes, anyone can know how to make the balcony private and have one. Check out these best balcony privacy ideas for your balcony to keep out intruders.

How to make the balcony private?

Decorating, constructing, or remaking an open space into a private one is easy if done correctly. There are various ways of making a balcony personal and aesthetic simultaneously. Here are some balcony privacy ideas for you to enjoy your evenings.


>Aesthetic plants 

Plants such as creepers or climbers can block the outside world and give the balcony the theme of a secret garden. It is an aesthetic way of how to make the balcony private. You can also use fake plants in place of real ones. 

>Blinds or curtains

The cheapest way to have a private balcony is by installing blinds or curtains. With these, we can also keep the patio open or closed as per our choice. This has multiple personalized options: roll-up blinds, privacy screens, sliding curtains, ivy curtains, and more. 

>Tinted glass separation

This is one of the most effective balcony privacy ideas. The option is to make it tinted on both sides or just the outside. With this, you could enjoy the scenery with our privacy intact. While this is an expensive option, this offers the best protection.

>Windows or sliding doors

These are other options if the house is under construction and the balcony is yet to be built. The doors can be made of glass or wood. That’s a personal choice. On a special note on how to make the balcony private, this can also be made in a French window style.


Benefits of having a private balcony

There are numerous benefits in implementing these balcony privacy ideas for your balcony. These are a boon to private people and can also give social butterflies some well-needed personal space. 

A clean balcony. The balcony would be free of the mess made by birds and other pet and street animals, celebrities free from paparazzi and stalkers, peaceful personal space away from prying neighbors, and more.


A balcony is a great place to enjoy a strong coffee or tea in the early morning or evening, watch the sunset or stars, or chat with loved ones. But there are chances that this open space becoming a dangerous spot. 

A home is a peaceful place for your privacy. And others taking this to their advantage should not be encouraged. It is our responsibility to be safe. We can achieve this with the knowledge of how to make the balcony private.

And all these balcony privacy ideas on how to make the balcony private have become necessary. You can use one of the privacy blocks of your choice to enjoy your balcony time in peace.