How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

Were you talking about metal roofs or installing them for your house? Your dilemmas and confusions are common. Which type of metal to use? What color? What kind of paint? When to install it? How long would it last? These are the most common yet essential things to know before you spend your earnings on one. 

There are different types of metal roofs based on the type of metal used, and if it’s appropriately installed can live years longer and more. So, here is your short guide on these roofs and how long one would last, explaining the types, corroding factors, preventive methods, and more.

Types of metals used

The common metals used in making these roofs are zinc, galvalume, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and tin. Aluminum is a durable, malleable, non-corrosive, and lightweight material but is pricier. Tin is also a lightweight metal option but not a preferred one. 

Copper is a super metal with numerous advantages like a unique look, non-corrosive, durable, and easy installation, and the same goes for zinc. But zinc is somewhat rare due to its high cost. Steel is one of the cheapest metals used in making metal roofs and is durable, fire, and rust-resistant with easy maintenance. 

Galvalume is a mixture of three metals. Aluminum, zinc, and steel – are three of the best metals for these roofs. This also has the same powerful advantages such as longevity, durability, aesthetic look, non-corrosive, and cheaper.

Types of metal roofs

Metal roofs differ in installation and material used. As the types of materials are covered, here are the types of installation. They are standing seam metal roofing, corrugated metal roofing, and stone-coated metal roofing.

Standing seam metal roofing is commonly used for contemporary houses and cabins. The sleek and flawless finish of the roof gives off an aesthetic view. The fasteners are hidden under the individual flat plates giving a neat finish to the roof.

Corrugated metal roofs are used in industrial places as they are made in wave-like shapes. The name came from the fluted shape, and the fasteners are placed on the exposed side of the roof. 

The longevity of metal roofs

Metal roofs are known for their endurance. But most of them are on the expensive side, and the other best types are rare to find in some places. The longevity of these roofs depends on the material used, proper installation, weather, maintenance, and metal quality. 

If high-quality metals are used, the metal roofs’ minimum longevity is over twenty years. The maximum number of years is also said to be near hundred years. A lifetime worth of durability is worth spending your money on.

The most durable metal roofs are made of stainless steel or galvalume. It is because of their low price and high performance.

Protective methods

Taking care of your belongings is always best instead of complaining about them. And all things, whether living or not, needs external care. Likewise, metal roofs need maintenance and proper care. 

Before going for a metal roof, check your area’s weather and select a suitable coating and paint, such as silicone or hybrid coating. This protects the roof from heat, rusting, and other biological growth.

Next comes the installation. Search for the best company with experienced workers to install metal roofs properly. Proper installation guarantees more longevity of these roofs. 

Which type is best and why

The most popular and the best types of metal roofs are made of aluminum and galvalume. Both are much less expensive than the others, give a neat and aesthetic look to the figure, and have more than fifty years of longevity. They are durable, require less maintenance than the others, are non-corrosive, have no red rust, and more. 


Imagine having something that only requires occasional cleaning, which would stay as it is for a lifetime. And that something is a metal roof. Metal roofs are hard and expensive to install and buy. But it is a lifetime investment. 

An adequately installed high-quality metal roof has a longevity of hundred years. And the spend is worth it compared to other roofing systems.

If you are reading this, you are either looking for one or suggesting it to someone. And hope this short guide helped you with your decision.