How to Move a Staircase or Relocate Stairs?

Renovation and home improvement, or even remodeling can be an expensive and a major task. Designing rooms, planning, and changing aspects of the home can be an insurmountable task, for example relocating stairs of your home.

People tend to have this belief that moving the stairs can be a difficult and costly job. But it is quite opposite if you know all the factors and elements that need to be considered. With a few important issues that can be taken into consideration, and proper guidelines acknowledged you can move stairs in a house. 

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Why consider moving the Staircase?

  • The most obvious reason to move stairs in a house is for the aesthetic preference that it would bring in a different area.
  • Another reason for considering moving stairs could be for practicality as it can be more convenient and easier to access the upper floors.
  • With properly designed stairs, incorporating spiral or reverse staircases can help increase the amount of space in your room.


A few things need to be taken into consideration before relocating stairs. To avoid any legal problems, the renovation of such factors to be taken into consideration with building controllers. Sometimes, this can lead to an inconvenience if proper guidelines are not followed. This is one of the most important issues that need to be dealt with before planning how to move a staircase.

Once you checked up with all important matters and decided to go ahead, now you need to find out how to move a staircase without any construction difficulties. Construction, fitting, and moving of the staircase is a complicated process for someone who has is not experienced with the same. 

With proper plans and taking suggestions from a contractor that provided a graphical design before relocating stairs. Once the design is selected, then you need to plan on how to move a staircase. If you are planning to get a complete transformation of your home, and proper convenience moving the stair is a great choice.

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Following are a few things to consider before planning on how to move a staircase:

1. Design:

Before planning on how to move a staircase, the proper designing of the staircase is important. From managing which is the best design for you, that provides a nice aesthetic look as well as convenient for your home. 

Flipping the stairs, relocating them, and changing the design can affect the way your home looks and feels. Thus, making it an important step before moving the stairs.

2. Location:

Once done with the designing of the staircase, the next step is where should you move stairs in a house. The staircase that is located beside the wall is convenient rather than a staircase that is right in the middle of the room.

By proper checking of the area above and checking how it would be designed from the upper floor, with support present on the top floor that joists the floor, it must be planned accordingly.

3. Cut Opening Space:

Now the actual construction project starts. A general contractor will mark the specific beams that need to be cut so that to form the opening for the stairs. Provide support to the floor with posts at the edge of the new opening until the work is done. 

With the help of constructor labors that can execute the project on how to move a staircase effectively with experience. With proper area kept open and support system to hold off the joists thus supports the overall floor.

4. Creation of Wall:

This step is to make sure to add insulation before relocating stairs in between the posts and existing walls. With the help of the wall, the weight of the new stairs can withstand across the whole wall.

With this step into action, now the new stairs can be placed into the position, proper design measurements must be checked in this step.

5. Removal of Temporary Wall:

The temporary wall that was added to provide support to the beams, in the beginning, can be now removed, now after this process, the major elements are to add a proper railing system to give support.  If any opening or gaps, those must be filled with insulation on both sides. 

Once the new staircase is constructed, you can now remove the old stairs. Fill up the joists and with the help of plywood create the floor that is open to make sure it is safe to walk upon. If you are planning to move stairs in a house make sure to not remove the old ones until the new ones are completely constructed else you might lose proper access to the upper floors.

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Before planning on how to move a staircase make sure to take all practicalities into consideration, average stair height, the distance between every step, and steps needed. With proper railings and a completed plan to move stairs in a house, you can now admire the new completely transformed look to your home. 

Happy Living!

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