How To Pack for Your Big Moving Day Like A Pro?

Packing is one of the most challenging aspects of moving. As you prepare for moving day, packing can consume a lot of time and effort, and having proper packaging supplies is key. You need to organize everything and sort your fragile items to avoid breakages. 


Here is how to pack like a pro for your big moving day: 


1. Plan early for a moving day


Planning early helps you stay organized and avoid mistakes. Even though you could occasionally find yourself in a scenario where you must take quick action, the more time you give yourself, the better. Start packing weeks in advance. However, after taking a tour of your house, you realize how much work needs to be done and decide not to begin.


As moving day draws nearer, this only increases the stress. The more you can prepare ahead of time, the less tension you experience. So you ensure everything is ready and packed for moving day. 


2. Organize a room before packing 


Spend time reviewing everything in the room before packing for your relocation and moving room by room. Moving into and unpacking your new house will be easier the more effort you put in at the beginning. Consult the Herlihy Moving professionals for guidance if you have bulky or fragile items and don’t know how to handle them. Also, declutter to save on moving costs.



3. Get the correct packing boxes


Even though you might not consider it, not having the proper packing supplies on hand can cost you when you start to pack for your move! For instance, you need to complete various rooms before moving day. The urge to move forward is growing. You might give in and do things you wouldn’t typically do if you didn’t have the necessary supplies. Spend some time gathering supplies before you pack. 


4. Pack room after room

Jumping from room to room when packing for your relocation can take a lot of time. This will prolong the packing process and disrupt your momentum, making you feel irritated and like you still need to complete much. Room-by-room packing can make you feel accomplished and help you gain confidence as you attempt to finish wrapping everything. 


5. Mark your supplies 


Ensure that your cartons are labeled. It’s like playing Tetris while loading a truck. For safety, cartons are moved and put into empty spaces. This reduces shifting when being transported. Your movers will know where to put each box better if you label them and let them know what’s inside.


A box with tools, for instance, might not be as delicate as a box that contains a lampshade. It will therefore be more stable to place at the bottom of the pack. Labeling will be helpful for both you and your staff as you unpack. It will be apparent to you what is in each box and what may wait till it is opened. 



Moving requires a lot of time and effort, especially with packing. It is advisable to begin the moving preparation early if you want everything to move quickly. You can start your process with confidence if you follow the above advice. Additionally, the process will be manageable and smooth.