How to Replace Windows of Your Home?

If you are going to replace windows of your home then the first thing that came to our mind is that about energy-efficient windows. When you are choosing windows for new construction or to replace windows, it is important to select the most efficient windows.

Once you decide to replace windows of your home then you will have to make few decisions about the type of windows you buy and the type of replacement you will make. You can replace windows in their existing frames also.

You will also need to think that what features you want in your windows. And you should think about the following points:

  • Frame type 
  • glazing types
  • Spacers
  • Operation types

After about the above points you also need to consider design, energy use, warranties, and proper installation. If you feel that your existing windows are in good condition then you can take the step to improve their efficiency.

In search of how to replace windows of your home, here we are suggesting you some points for that. You can consider them.

Points to consider to replace windows:

1. Frames

In the process of replace windows, the first thing to consider is the frame of windows. You choose frame first because there are many types of frames are available in the market for the windows. Because frame can contribute to a window’s overall energy efficiency.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of all types of frame material. You can think about wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and some other composite frame materials. They provide good thermal resistance than metal.

2. Metal or aluminum frames

These types of window frames are very strong, light, and almost maintenance-free. They conduct heat very rapidly. To reduce heat flow in your house through windows, metal frames should have a thermal break.

You can place an insulating plastic strip between the inside and outside of the frame and sash.

3. Glazing or glass

The next thing which you have to decide is glazing. You will need to consider what type of glazing or glass you should use to improve your home’s energy efficiency. To replace the windows of your home, some design factors have been mattered. Such as window orientation, climate, building design, home interiors, etc.

You can choose insulated window glazing, low-emissivity coating, spectrally selective coatings for your glass windows. You can choose them accordingly to your desires or need.

4. Spacers and gas-filled

After deciding the frame types and glazing the next thing which you should consider to replace windows is spacers. Spacers are used to keep the layers of glazing at the correct distance apart. Spacers provide accommodation for thermal expansion and pressure differences. It also preventing moisture and gas leaks.

And gas fills between glazing layers minimize the heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the window. For the gas fills the argon or krypton gasses typically used. Both gases are non-toxic, inert, clear, and also odorless.

5. Operating types

After the above points, this is another important consideration to replace windows. First, you have to decide the operating type for windows. Some operating types have lower air leakage rates than others. That can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Some traditional operating types are awning, hopper, single and double sliding, fixed, and casement.

An awning can be used at the top and open outwards.

Hooper hinged at the bottom and open inwards. 

Single and double sliding, both sashes side horizontally in a double sliding window.

Fixed windows can not open. They are airtight.

Casement, they hinged at the sides, like awning windows.

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So, these were some suggestions for you to replace windows of your home.

Keep fresh and healthy you home!!