How to Take Care of Furniture in Winters?

Take care of furniture in winters can be easy if you give them some care and attention. No doubt that cold and dry conditions can affect our furniture. But wood is a natural product hence it is naturally adapting to the changing conditions of weather. 

Do not fear, with some adjustments and with a little time you can take care of furniture in winters. Here are few tips for caring for your furniture during the winter season. 

6 Tips to Take care of furniture in winters

1. Keep away from heating sources

If you want to take care of furniture in winters then keep your furniture away from sources of heat. Like room heaters, heating vents, and radiators. These heating objects can damage your furniture.

Because too much heat can discolor, warp, and can damage the finish of the furniture. So, keep them away from your furniture. Do not keep them near your bed, chair, tables, sofa for long period. 

2. Maintain the distance from the fireplace

To take care of furniture in winters, you have to maintain the distance between your furniture and the fireplace. Keep your furniture at a good distance from the fireplace.

We all love to sit near a fireplace during winters. But excess heat can damage your furniture. Besides of chair, you can seat on some pillows on the floors to enjoy the heat from your fireplace.

3. Always use coasters

Always use coasters to protect your furniture. Do not keep a mug of hot chocolate, hot coffee, or tea directly on the surface of wood furniture. It can leave a mark or pesky rings on your furniture.

To avoid that use a coaster. As it is also a civilized thing to do. It should be your habit not only in winters but also in all seasons to take care of the furniture. 

Also, protect your furniture during your house parties. Because serving dishes also can damage the furniture. Use trivets under the hot dishes when you put them on the table. And you can leave coasters on all the surfaces where your guest going to sit. By doing this you can protect your furniture smartly. 

4. Do not use a wet cloth for cleaning 

To take care of furniture in winters never use a wet cloth to clean your chairs, bed, tables, or anything. Because wet cloth can damage the shine and polish of your furniture.

Always use a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth to wipe out the dust from the furniture. The wet cloth also can leave the mark of water on the surface of furniture. Which does not look nice. 

5. Maintain the temperature inside the house

Try to maintain a steady temperature and humidity levels to take care of furniture in winters. Because rapid changes can warp or crack the wooden furniture. Keep the temperature normal in your house. That should not be too hot or neither too cold. 

You can use a humidifier machine to keep the atmospheric humidity at 30 to 40 percent during the winters in your home. But do not keep the machine close to the furniture. 

6. Protect from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage your furniture. So, to take care of furniture in winters do not leave your chair or tables in the area where direct sunlight could damage your furniture.

If you love to take the warmth of the sun during winters on your rest chairs, no problem. But do not leave that empty for a long time under the heat of the sun. 

We wish that these tips will be helpful for you to take care of furniture in winters. 

Happy Winters!!