Top 5 Vastu Tips For Your Children’s Study Room

As a parent, your heart desires to see your child excel in school. Your search for all the tips and tricks that can help your child succeed in his academics. The competitive world pushes every child to bring out the best in them. There are a few Vastu tips discussed in the article that can help bring out the best in your child.

In these modern times, you might not believe in such things as Vastu tips. So, you must understand the importance and find the hidden scientific reasons behind them. Thousands of people in India still follow the same and multiple believers have benefitted from this.

Before moving forward let’s analyze what Vastu shastra is? Or why should you follow these Vastu tips?


Vastu shastra is the science of architecture that was designed in ancient India. Its main aim is to ensure positivity in the house. Vastu tips incorporate geometrical spaces, alignments, and architecture that boosts concentration and peace in the environment.

People to date follow it, because of their beliefs and positive results that they have received from the Vastu tips. So, these tips are those that cut out the negativity and bring positive results to the house.

When it comes to your child, we have brought the best Vastu tips, to ensure the problem of the child is solved. This includes the sitting arrangement of the child, the posters that need to be hung on the walls, the position of doors that boosts focus, etc. So, let’s get started!

1. Ideal Direction for your Child’s Progress 

Your child’s seat should be towards the north or the east-facing in such a direction increases the concentration level of the child and leads to great optimization of his peak performance. Any load that is blocking the path of the building in the north and the east direction induces laziness in the child.

2. Vastu tips for easy memorization

If you see that your child easily forgets what he/she has memorized a few hours ago, you should follow these Vastu tips. Ensure that your child faces towards the north while memorizing. This direction ensures faster-memorizing capacity and retains the knowledge for a longer time.

3. Vastu tips for Deciding Child’s Role Model

You can put your child’s role model’s picture in the northeast direction. In case the role model is yet not decided, then you can affix Goddess Sarawati’s or Lord Ganesha’s picture on the northeast wall. Make sure that no picture in the child’s room is not associated with the child’s career. These posters or photographs affect the children sublimely.

You can consider these Vastu tips while decorating the child’s room. You can affix your child’s winning or award ceremony pictures in the southwest direction of the house.

4. Tips for easy concentration

Ensure these tips, if you think your child is not concentrating on his studies. Check whether the door is situated on the back of the child’s chair. If yes then, change the direction of the child’s study chair. This will ensure greater focus and concentration on the subject. Scientifically, if you see; that the repetitive opening of the door will bring his concentration towards the door, Repeated movements will kill his concentration and, will not allow him to study for a longer time.

5. Vastu Tips for removing negativity

If you notice that your child is ignorant and negative about life’s outlook, surely this Vastu tip will help you eliminate it. Check if the child while studying faces an empty wall. If yes, then put some motivational pictures on the wall as soon as possible. A blank wall is a symbol of a doomed career. Never place a mirror in your child’s room. This invites negativity and creates a mental problem for the child.

Take away Note!

There are different tips for different problems that the child is facing. this can be the intelligent quotient, concentration problem, lower grasping power, zero focus, etc. You can try the Vastu tips as explained above and also, get subscribed to us for better results.