What is a balcony? Usage and Types of Balcony

What is a balcony? Structurally speaking, it is an upper-floor extension – An open space with a railing or pillars at least three feet above the ground level. But other than that, it’s many things besides being an open space.

Read along to learn exciting facts about balconies and their use.


Types of Balcony

There are different types of balconies based on their structure and usage. Well, what is a balcony without the magic touch? 

  • Stacked balconies

    These are primarily found in apartments. A single pillar supports the balconies of the houses in a row. And they look stacked upon each other. And hence the name stacked balcony.

    • Hung and cantilever balconies

    The balconies are suspended from the building. They are firmly upheld with steel rods and a high-quality plate or floor. For people with a small apartment looking for what is a balcony? And how to attach one in their minimal space? This is the right choice.

    • Juliet balconies

    These are small balconies. As mentioned in Shakespeare’s play, What is a balcony without drama? These are false balconies that are only used for a view. One cannot sit or relax in this but can have a few small plant pots placed or hung on the railing. 

    • Rooftop balconies

    What is a balcony without a lounge area? Rooftop balconies are the most extensive balconies of all types. These would be structured right below the roof or on a terrace. These balconies can be used for parties, private nights, and more. 

    • Mezzanine balcony

    People can ask, what is a balcony that is inside the house? Well, this type of balcony has a separate space allotted for a balcony deck with railings and other furniture. 

    • Loggia balcony

    Loggia balcony is the safest of all balconies. Unlike anything else, this has a roof and a window coverage to the space. The windows can be opened, and the place can be decorated according to personal wishes.

    Balcony Usage

    A balcony can be used for literally anything. It solely depends on the person. And here are some of the most popular and expected uses of a balcony. A balcony used may differ from person to person, but they are being used.

    Coffee or tea

    What is a balcony without a nice drink? Imagine having a coffee or an evening tea in an open space with a decent view of the busy city, a garden, or a lake. This is a great place to de-stress the day and energize the day ahead.


    A balcony is also a safe spot. A non-judgemental zone to spend some quality time. For journaling, brain dumping, personal development, secret naps, and more. 


    Romantic reach

    What is a balcony without some romance in it? The famous Shakespeare drama Romeo and Juliet is a sweet reminder. Couples and lovers can enjoy their time lounging on their balconies. Sweet talks, cute kisses, cuddle naps, and a candle night dinner. A perfect spot for the ideal date.

    Decor with a view

    Some houses in the cities are sold for a higher price just because the balcony has a fantastic view. And people buy those houses just for the picture. They decorate them with furniture, plants, and other light settings for an added experience. 

    Shade for plants

    Some plants can only be grown in shades. People who are living alone and plant lovers tend to fill their balconies with suitable plants. It gives them a sense of relief – A life to take care of and responsibility. It keeps them in check too. Can you imagine a balcony without some plants?

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    What if there wasn’t a balcony?

    The list of balcony usage has just been listed. So, all there is to do is to imagine living in a closed space without an inch of a private corner, even for a moment alone. And there is the answer to the question. The person would feel trapped, with other harmful conditions like loneliness and anxiety.


    If people were asked what is a balcony to them? Each would have a personal answer. And in every one of the answers, it would be blunt that it is not just an extension of the house but a private place where people can be themselves. 

    It is the only space with some satisfaction. Because what is a balcony if not for private times and secret naps?