Laughing Buddha – Where to Place at Home?

The Laughing Buddha statue is one of the most famous Feng Shui figures known worldwide. From homes to restaurants, offices, museums, and stores, this statue can be placed in different environments. 

Ancient Buddhists consider this as a manifestation of the Buddha, while the Chinese compare him to the Zen Monk known as Budai. It is believed to attract positive energies and removes negativity from the area. Laughing Buddha statues are available in different materials including metal, porcelain, and wood.

Let us help you attract positive chi/qi (which means the vital life force of an entity from Chinese) by placing the Buddha statue in your home and office.

Placing a Laughing Buddha at home and office is believed to bring in positive energies. If there is one global symbol that depicts the attraction of positive energy or chi into the surroundings, it is the statue of the Laughing Buddha. But, it is to be noted that, the results can be seen only if it is located in the right direction as per the Feng Shui rules and principles.

How to Place Laughing Buddha?

The height of the statue should be at the eye level. It is always considered as respectful to look upon the idol from below and not look down upon it from above. This holds good value for any statue/idol or image that is of religious and spiritual importance. You must place the Laughing Buddha statue in the correct place to attract luck and fortune.

Let us now discuss some of the best placement positions for the Laughing Buddha at home.

1. Auspicious Location- Facing the Main Entrance Door

The most favorable location for placing the statue of Laughing Buddha is facing the main entrance door of the home. A small table of about thirty to thirty five-inch in height can be used to place the statue facing the entrance door. 

It makes sure that all energies entering your home are removed from their negative effect while enhancing the positive energies. Also, guests will also witness the Buddha statue upon entering your home, make them feel a sense of happiness.

2. Placing in the East

The eastern direction of our home is considered to be the family luck spot. If you want to bring prosperity, harmony, and joy in your family, then place the idol in this direction. It is not just about wealth but a Laughing Buddha can even bring relief if your family is experiencing internal conflict, arguments, and clashes.  

3. Placing in personal Sheng Chi direction

In Feng Shui, each individual is given a special direction as his or her personal Sheng Chi direction. Placing your Laughing Buddha statue in this direction at home shall significantly the wealth, success in life, and your overall well being. This also supports the individual with their goal-directed activities and bring highly positive results.

4. Placing in the South East Direction

If you are placing the Laughing Buddha in the south-east direction of your room, hall, or dining room, you shall be awarded unexpected luck in abundance and also a great increase in the income of the home. This position is a mood enhancer and stress reliever.

5. Placing on the work desk

Placing the Laughing Buddha idol on the work desk at home or office will find excellent possibilities for your career. Students can place the statue on their study table so that they can concentrate more and excel in their academic performance. This will help you study with a distraction-free and focused mind. Also, placing this on the work desk in the office is known to prevent quarrels, disputes, and arguments with colleagues, seniors, and subordinates.

6. Where you should Avoid Placing 

Laughing Buddha is respected and consider with great importance in Feng Shui and Buddhism. It is something to be worshipped and respected. If you are disrespectful to the idol, it is said to have reverse effects and bring misfortune, therefore, you must practice great care in duly giving importance to it.

Never place the statue in the kitchen, bathroom, on the floor, or anywhere where any sexual activity takes place. Also, avoid placing it near equipment with moving parts, electrical lines, or those things that make continuous noise as these factors can scatter the energy exuded by the idol.

We hope all these tips for placing the Laughing Buddha will help you bring prosperity to your home.

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It is a perfect housewarmings gift and also in the festive time. During Diwali when we all want to welcome the Goddess Laxmi in our homes, you can also gift or get your home a nice big Buddha statue to bring wealth and happiness. 

There are different sizes available, but we recommend you to get a big one so that you can actually rub its tummy properly to have prosperity in your home. 

Happy Living!

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