What is a Master Bedroom and Its Features?

Your master bedroom reflects you. It should speak to you which is your own private retreat. Do you know what is a master bedroom? The master bedrooms we see nowadays, with large walk-in closets and double-sink vanities in the bathroom have not always been that way. In this article, we will be discussing what is a master bedroom. 

What is a Master Bedroom?

The word ‘master’ comes from the Latin word magisterwhich means head, chief, or director. Historically, the word master has been used to describe a man with authority in, disciplinarian position. 

The term “master bedroom” was introduced in the early 20th century to signify that the room is reserved for the master of the house, who always was a man. 

So what is a master bedroom? A master bedroom is the largest bedroom for the homeowners, other bedrooms are for children or guests. It may also have an attached bathroom, which is added for privacy and maybe space for desk or chairs. The master bedroom may also have two closets, one for each spouse.

The main idea of a master bedroom is the ultimate privacy.

What should be the ideal size for a master bedroom?

When we are discussing, what is a master bedroom, it is important to mention the reasonable size for a master bedroom.

A master bedroom can also have a sofa set, console table, center table, etc. along with the dressing. You can also add some decorative pieces to your master bedroom.

  1. Bed Size 7×6 foot (approx)
  2. Console Table 2×3 foot (approx)
  3. Single Seat Sofa Size 4×4 foot (approx)
  4. Center Table Size 2.5×4 foot (approx)


The bedroom size of 250 sq ft to 350 sq ft will be the best.

Tips for the Master bedroom design:

  • Location
  • Theme
  • Style
  • Furniture
  • Additional Functions

What is a master bedroom if it doesn’t reflect your personality and provide you relaxation?


4 Features Every Master Bedroom Needs

Designing the ideal master bedroom isn’t easy. You need to add the essentials first and little luxuries. Keep these essentials in mind while setting up your master bedroom and it will be a masterpiece.

1. A Comfortable Mattress And A Bedhead

When we are discussing what is a master bedroom, it is important to focus on a comfortable mattress. A comfortable and well-made mattress is your best asset for sound sleep and the perfect foundation for a master bedroom.

Next, consider your bedhead – it is a piece of furniture in itself. If you like to read before going to bed then you should consider a soft bedhead to lean against, or else you can use it as a colorful feature to elevate your bedroom’s design.

2. The Right Lighting

Lighting is your master bedroom’s most essential design element. Your master bedroom needs to have plenty of light, including specialist reading light above your bed. It is a very important aspect of a master bedroom guide.

Chandeliers, designer lamps, and highlighted lights can all add to your bedroom’s design while being functional at the same time. Adding dimmers is also a brilliant idea, perfect for a good night’s sleep with soft lighting.

3. The Best View In The House

What is a master bedroom if it cannot relieve you from your stress? Views from your bedroom help in restoring your mental energy, directing your brain to relax and recover from stress. It is believed that enjoying an interesting or beautiful view is good for our mental well-being.

When building a new house, your master bedroom should always face towards nature or any interesting view that can be seen from your home. The more windows, the better.

If you want to enhance your current master bedroom, you can improve the landscape feature and upgrade your windows.

4. Luxurious Walk-In Closet!

A spacious walk-in closet may seem like an irrelevant luxury, especially when you have a limited collection of clothes. However, they are practical and can act as extra storage space to keep your master bedroom uncluttered. 

What is a master bedroom if it cannot make you feel relaxed? A messy bedroom can hinder relaxation, making it harder for you to get a good night’s sleep. This extra space can make a difference. Also, having a spacious wardrobe will give you a perfect excuse to go shopping!

Thus, the simple answer to your question about a master bedroom? We can say that it is the most comfortable and luxurious bedroom of all the bedrooms in your home, usually kept for the head or master of the house. It could be size, location, or simply that one bedroom with its private bathroom attached.

Along with the above-mentioned features, you can play with flooring style, mats, curtains, and decorative lamps for creating a luxurious and relaxing aura.

Now you know what is a master bedroom and what all the essential features you need to add to your bedroom.

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Happy Living!

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