What Are The Best Bedroom Color Options?

The bedroom is the place in the house to introduce a color scheme that fits your mood you want to feel whenever you are there and also defines your character. Within your bedroom, you need a color shade that enlarges and promotes rest and relaxation while being energized for the mornings when you need the help to get out of your cozy bed. Here we have combined few bedroom color options for you which will add a dramatic edge to your bedroom.

Before, compiling bedroom color options, let’s also explore the various schemes except coloring which can be done.

Various Schemes for Bedroom:

  1. Wall molding – You can experiment with your bedroom wall by attaching wall molding in rectangular or square shapes. It will add a unique dimensional effect to the room.
  2. Stripes and patterns – Stripes on the wall give a dramatic effect to the room. It doesn’t have to be uniform or vertical always. It can be in patterns.
  3. Metallic wall paint – You can find easy to use metallic paints in a variety of colors. If the room is naturally dark, metallic paints add a warm sheen to the wall. 
  4. Ceiling painting – When you paint the ceiling of your bedroom it creates more visual interest. You can add stripes to the ceilings or can give it a canopy effect.
  5. Lightening effect – You can use dimmers to make the room interesting. Dimmers are inexpensive and it creates the right lighting to enhance your mood.

Now let’s discuss some bedroom color options and see what color choice depicts your personality:

1. Grey 

This is one of the most looked on bedroom color options as grey walls are soothing and restful. Grey color shows the richness and sophistication in the room and the gadgets also compliment the color.

2. Yellow

The yellow color is for dreamers and highly intellectual people. Selecting yellow as a bedroom color option means you need to give you more time to relax, think, and dream. Here, you can paint only one wall yellow or go for gold to add richness or yellow can be used as an accent color.

3. Orange

Orange is the color of highly social people. This color walls give warmth and invoke enthusiasm. It’s your time to add fun to your life and select the orange color for your bedroom.

4. Blue

Blue comes in a wide variety. The blue color is for people who want peace and harmony. Blue choosers prefer to have an uncluttered room, so not only paint the wall but also add storage and organization to your room. You’ll feel more at home and peaceful in a blue soothing uncluttered bedroom.

5. Mocha

Mocha color depicts your personality as down to earth and honest.  This personality people prefer simple luxuries and love decorating the room. Drawing patterns and stripes on this color walls will not only enhance the beauty of the room but make it look more sophisticated and classy.

6. Black

Black color choice people give importance to prestige and power. They are strong, independent, and are in control. Adding black contrast accessories in your room with the black wall color will enhance the richness of your room and make you feel confident. Black is the perfect color for the protected and intimate space of your bedroom.

7. Green

Green is considered one of the most relaxing colors amongst bedroom color options. There are many shades of green available and all create a very nice calm, composed, and stress-free environment. Embrace your room with nice fabric light green curtains and patterned carpet to complement with.

Hope you’ll be using this color therapy while selecting bedroom color options. There are many styles to experiment with – paint a single wall, add stripes, use combinations, or use the color chose as your accent color.

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So, what color personality are you??

Happy Living!


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