12 Best Plants for your Home Garden

A home garden is a piece of land in the home which combines different physical, social, and economic functions. Gardening is relaxing and stress-relieving, for overall mental health benefits. Caring for the plants gives the whole family a chance to work together. Here in this article, we will talk about best home garden plants, but before that let us see some health benefits of a home garden.

Health Benefits of Home Garden

  1. It burns lots of calories.
  2. It helps in controlling blood pressure.
  3. Spending time in the sun lowers the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body.
  4. Growing your foods helps to eat healthily.
  5. Gardening is a great stress buster.
  6. It improves your connection &  communication with your family.
  7. Gardening helps you in living a happier life.

List of some of the Best Home Garden Plants with their requirements:

1. Begonias

These home garden plants are difficult to grow inside as they require humidity. Hence, the requirements are –

    • Light: Partial
    • Water: Allow drying between waterings
    • Color variety: Pink, green, red, purple, silver, and brown.

2. Fuchsia

These plants enjoy cool temperatures. Requirements are – 

    • Light: Full sun except in winters
    • Water: Water slightly when soil is dry
    • Color variety: White, pink, red, purple, or various combinations.

3. Geraniums

These plants tend to go dormant in springs. Requirements are – 

    • Light: Full sun
    • Water: Allow drying between waterings
    • Color varieties: Pink, red, and white.

4. Abutilon

It is a tropical shrub that often blooms in early to mid-spring. Requirements are –

    • Light: Partial or full sum
    • Water: Water when it’s completely dry
    • Color variety: White to deep yellow to coral and red flowers.

5. Caladium

These plants prefer temperatures ranging from 60 to 85 F. Requirements are – 

    • Light: Not direct
    • Water: Moist soil required
    • Color variety: Green, white, pink, cream, and red.

6. Boxwood

Humidity is crucial for this evergreen plant and misting is essential. Requirements are –

    • Light: Direct sun
    • Water: Only when the soil is dry

7. Coleus

These plants like to be warm but can tolerate cooler nights. Requirements are –

    • Light: Indirect sunlight
    • Water: Moist soil and monthly watering
    • Color variety: Purple, green, red, pink, yellow, and variegated foliage.

Except for these home garden plants, here is the list of some of the cost-effective and easiest grown vegetables:

8. Chilly/Capsicum 

    • Take 2 or 3 ripe green peppers. Dry them in the sun.
    • Seeds will take a week to sprout. Once you see ten leaves, shift it into a bigger pot.

9. Tomatoes

    • If you don’t have seeds, cut the tomato into four pieces. Bury it about ½ inch into the soil. After 3-4 weeks, seeds will start sprouting.
    • The plant grows taller and needs support. Don’t forget to support the plant with a stick.

10. Coriander

    • Take an empty can or tin and fill it with soil. Make the drain hole at the bottom of the can. Once the container is ready, put the handful of coriander seeds crushed under your footwear. Put the seeds in the container, cover it with the layer of soil, and forget it. 
    • You’ll get a bunch of coriander leaves within a month.

11. Mint

    • Mint needs a small container like coriander.
    • Buy stalks of mint. Remove the lower leaves. Bury the stalk in a pot in sunlight and see it grow.

12. Beans 

    • Buy seeds. Sow the seeds in the pot a few inches apart.
    • The plant grows into a vine. Plant at least 7 pots to complete a family.


I hope you find this article about home garden plants useful.

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Happy Gardening!!

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