What Should Get More Importance- Interior Design or Exterior Design?

Home is a space of emotions and a state of mind. Home designing is a subject, that has evolved for centuries. But the question always remains the same whether to give more importance to interior design or exterior design.

When we think of ‘home’, our mind traces down to a lane of undulating memories and experiences. The memory of textures and colors; light and shade; and sounds become the intangible notions of what turns a house into ‘home.’ Homes make up a series of nostalgia embedded in the experiences of the user. It is always a debatable topic that what should get more importance- interior or design?

Both formats have their pros and cons. One cannot prioritize interior design or exterior design. 

Interiors involve any home/space like a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. where a person may use and live.

The exterior involves the roof, walls, patio, garden, etc. the surroundings/ environment of space. In the metropolitan cities, there isn’t much scope of home exterior design and hence interiors are focused more. 

Let’s have a look at both the aspects of home designing which can help you in choosing from interior design or exterior design.

Both Aspects – Interior design or Exterior design


To decide whether to focus more on interior design or exterior design, we first need to look at the exterior aspects of a house. The sense of a coarse fabric on the smooth surface of the wall or the filtered sunlight on the finished floor becomes a unique experience of space for the user.

When working with exteriors things like lighting, water, and electricity – these must be taken into consideration because these are the crucial parts in your home. It is very complex; even the choice of paint should be considered meticulously – its shade, layering, and color – as well as refinishing yards, sidings, and driveways.

Exterior design is important because it gives life to your home with just its outside aesthetics and it secures your home to be safe and a good place to live in.


To have better clarity in choosing from interior design or exterior design, you must know the second aspect of the coin i.e., interiors. The Interior of space is not just a design form, but hold within them stories of the user’s patterns of life. 

While designing interiors make sure that the interior spaces are always functional, safe, and aesthetically beautiful for your house. While working with interiors you get to choose the colors, textures, materials, furniture, flooring, lighting, wallpaper, and other materials for every interior space or building. 

Interiors in your home could complement the exterior architecture – and enhance the ambiance conveyed by the structure itself. This requires some thoughtful considerations, especially if you need to infuse some of your own identity into your home decor.

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While creating something as personal and sacred as a ‘home’, one should study all the aspects of home designing before deciding what should get more importance- interior design or exterior design or maybe both!

Hiring a professional will help you in a better way of deciding which aspect to focus more on- interior or exterior design.

Interior decorating is fun, notably when you have an impressive exterior elevation to match to, make it the home of your dreams!

Happy Living!


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