How To Maintain The Wall Color So That It Lasts Long?

Painting your wall is one of the easiest and effective ways to elevate your home and make it more aesthetically beautiful. Everybody wants to maintain the wall color so that it lasts longer, as you have invested your money and time on it. 

Wall paint is a perfect way to express your unique personality and style with minimum investment and low-maintenance costs. Maintaining your wall paint color is easy, as long as you take time to examine any damage caused to the interior walls or exterior walls. 

Let us now discuss some of the tips to maintain the wall color.

4 Tips to Maintain the Wall Color:

1. Consider waterproofing in the start

Consider waterproofing your home, as it plays an important role to maintain the wall color. Lack of waterproofing layer or bad waterproofing can ruin your wall paint. In the end, you will have to renew everything and spend extra money on your wall color. 

It is very easy and practical to use waterproofing at the start of your wall paint job. It is better to take the necessary precautions beforehand than to spend on the damage caused by water to your interior and exterior wall color. 

Several paint companies now offer expert waterproofing solutions for your home.

2. A well-plastered wall

Plastering a wall is essential to maintain the wall color. The loosely plastered wall is more prone to develop cracks and will damage the wall paint. The reason behind this can be the insufficient curing time. Allow an adequate time of about 7- 21 days to keep the cement hydrated so that it sets well. This ensures a good plastering of walls. 

It is advisable to check the bad plastering by tapping on the wall. A hollow sound indicates that the plaster is detached from the brick wall which needs to be fixed.

3. Use primer for good adhesiveness

The use of a good primer is important to properly seal the walls. It prevents the peeling off or crumbling of paint as it serves as a base for binding the paint with the wall surface. 

Hence, a primer helps to maintain the wall color and also enhances the finishing of paint. Also, it is important to make sure to scrape off the wall properly with sandpaper and make it grime-free before the application of primer.

4. Painting it the right way

The painting needs to be done correctly and should be applied in the correct amount of thickness (4 to 5 miles) which is the thickness of a copier paper sheet. If the paint is too thin then the dried paint will be weak. However, if the paint is too thick, it will sag and the wall can develop cracks.

Hence, to maintain the wall color, it is better to hire professionals to get your wall painting job done.

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Wall paints can elevate the aesthetics of your home if chosen correctly. Proper maintenance of walls is essential by wiping the walls with a damp cloth occasionally to maintain the wall color. Taking care by repairing minor damage is much simpler than waiting for something big develops that can only be fixed by a new paint job, again!

These tips will surely help you keep your wall paint lasts longer.

Happy Painting!

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