Some Cool Center Table Ideas with Images

Decorating a house is the most tiring yet interesting job. From choosing a theme to the colors, there is a lot of stuff that should be taken care of. While decorating your living room, don’t forget about the furniture. The center table is the backbone of the living room. It is very important in bringing the whole ambiance right. From putting our morning coffee right to the food at night it serves it all yet many times ignored.

There are many options in the market of the center table to select. From modern, antique, farmhouse to bright colors, and rustic casual tables, there are plenty of varieties.

Before looking at some cool center tables, let us look at some points that should be kept in mind while selecting a table for your home.

Points to select center tables:

  1. The shape of the table
  2. Size (It should not look awkward kept in your living room)
  3. Styling is the key
  4. Be innovative with your choices
  5. Decide your budget
  6. Functionality
  7. Material
  8. The scale is important along with the size
  9. Alternatives (Thinking out of the box. An old trunk, cedar chests or ottomans are fabulous alternatives of a center table)
  10. Try a grouping of small tables instead of buying a large one.


Here, we have picked some very cool table designs from where you can pick. Take inspiration from them and decorate your living room as per your taste, style, and pattern of the room.

14 Center Table Ideas:

1. Glass topped center table:

A center table with a glass top is best suited when you are aiming to showcase a significant amount of accessories. It does not take up as much visual space as an all-wood design table would take. It also embosses the display. 


2. A statement or patterned table:

A bonus is when the table itself is a statement that enhances the look of the entire living room. Decorating the table with a lamp or fresh flowers adds beauty and gives a style statement.



3. Center table with matching stools:

Center table accented with matching stool is a new trend. It not only adds symmetry to the living room but is a great fashion statement too.


4. Two-tier table:

A two-tier center table gives you more space to showcase your favorite accessories. Fresh flowers, some books, or tissue boxes will enhance the beauty of the table. It will not only give you the space to store or display your stuff but also serves as a table.

5. Wooden center table:

Many people prefer wooden furniture in the house. Wood is strong, durable and can be decorated in both traditional and modern ways. The wooden table goes beautifully with solid colored couches and matching rugs and carpets.


6. Royal center table:

Royal and antique tables have their own importance and history. The royal look gives your collection a sense of style and uplifts your collection.


7. Round wooden table:

As compared to tables of any other shape, round-shaped tables are more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. For rooms with limited space, round shapes tables are perfect. You can use these tables as resting places for mugs, books, or water-bottles. These tables can act as both the center table and a side table. 


8. Round stone top table:

If you’re looking for something solid and stylish, go for a nice textured stone top center table. These are special, designed to be unique, and can be the most attractive fixture of your house.


9. Center table with carvings:

Have a look at the detailed carvings on this table. Quite interesting right? You can find such decorative tables in any of the antique shops or the typical furniture shops.


10. Multiple glass tables:

A center table serves multiple usages in your home. It is a functional and stylish addition to any living room. It not only gives a stylish and modern touch to your living room but also blends well with almost every type of furniture. You can choose various shapes like round, oval, square, rectangle, etc.


11. Seagrass round table:

The unexpected and unique texture of seagrass gives natural beauty and makes you feel closer to nature. This kind of table complements each and every type of furniture present in your living room.


12. Metal center table:

Metal coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and styles, adding the finishing to any of the living room. These kinds of tables are durable and come in a wide range. It’ll almost suit your pocket.


13. Solid color center table:

A solid color table gives a classic vintage look with a pinch of sophistication, a simple decor tip that can instantly lift the ambiance of the room.


14. Combination center table:

This kind of table is a mixture of two elements. Like top can be of wood and legs of steel or iron. The benefit of these tables is it does not gives bulky look to a table and is very convenient to place wherever you want.

Here are some cool tips to give your table a longer life:

  • Dust it very well.
  • Keep a check on the temperature.
  • Let the table age with grace.
  • Keep the sharp objects away.
  • Oiling and wax regularly.
  • Always use warm water for cleaning.
  • Eliminate water rings.

Prevention is the key – Here are some simple tips for preventing blemishes:

  • Keep coasters and trays handy.
  • Wipe the spills immediately with a clean cloth or a tissue.
  • Don’t slide anything against the center table.
  • Keep the table away from the heating equipment to prevent cracking and splitting.
  • Do not keep the table under direct sunlight (rotate the tabletops regularly).

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We have tried to get the maximum knowledge about the center tables which is sometimes the most inattentive one in the house. Keeping the look and quality intact of your table is equally important as buying a stylish table.

Finding a perfect table may take some effort and some serious consideration but it does not have to be a boring job. Now equipped with the tips mentioned above, purchasing and maintaining a center table can be fun and interesting.

Enjoy searching for an ideal table for your living room that will have your guests talking and praising you.

Happy Living!

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