How to Maintain a Home Garden?

Gardening is very essential in this chaotic world to de-stress oneself. What can be more interesting than having and maintaining a home garden?  Unfortunately due to our busy lifestyles, we have almost forgotten to maintain a home garden. We are somehow missing to give our garden the need and attention which it wants and deserves.

Let’s discuss some of the smart tips to maintain a home garden –  

1. Watering:

Watering as we all know is very important to maintain a home garden. One should keep flower beds moist. Don’t forget to water at least once or twice a week. The smartest way is to water the plants at the time of morning or evening as the soil is moist at that time. In the afternoon, the water evaporates very quickly due to the heat of the day. Avoid watering leaves or plant heads and water gently. You can also use a planned water control irrigation system if you are away.

2. Lawn:

It is very necessary to protect your lawn from hot weather. If the temperature is high, don’t cut the grass too short and instead leave it standing at about five centimeters, it will not only protect the grass from the sun but also prevent the soil from drying out. The best time to water a lawn is from 4-8 am. While watering the lawn, use 10-15 liters of water per sq. meter. Never overwater the lawn.

3. Weeds:

The smartest way to maintain a home garden is to prevent the growth of weeds. The use of mulch prevents weed from sprouting. 

4. Examine plants carefully before buying:

One should be very careful while selecting the plants while purchasing as getting a disease with a new plant is not the kind of bonus you would want. It is better to spend some time researching and inspecting the roots of the plants. Roots should be firm and usually white and should be spread all over the area of the root ball. Do not go for dark or mushy roots.

5. Application of correct fertilizer:

Getting a soil test from your near extension agency will provide the exact information on the nutrients presented in the soil and the amount along with the type of fertilizer. Without it will be guesswork which will affect the plant either way. An overabundance of a nutrient also puts stress on a plant.

6. Never crowd plants:

This is also one of the important aspects of maintaining a home garden. Plants that are placed too closely tend to grow poorly due to competition of light, water, and nutrients. These weak plants are more prone to diseases. To lessen the diseases, trim out the crowded, damaged and old stalk plants.  Dividing and rearranging the plants shall help.

7. Use full composted yard waste:

Not all the materials in a pit decompose at the same rate. Some materials may have degraded to be put in the garden and others have not. If you are not confident about the conditions of your compost pile, avoid using it, as it may cause harm to sensitive plants.

8. Keep a check on bugs:

Bug damage in the plant provides some sort of opening through which viruses and bacteria can enter. Some insects act as a virus carrier, spreading them from one plant to another.

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Plants are a very important part of our lives as they help in keeping the environment clean in many ways and also reduce pollution. So why not take the ball in our court and work for the environment. 

Hope these tips will help you to maintain a home garden and keep it clean and healthy!!

Happy Living!

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